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Wardak, Zakia Mrs.

Name Wardak, Zakia Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1966
Function/Grade Z+ Engineering, Construction and Logistics, Founder and Pres
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Z+ Engineering, Construction and Logistics, Founder and President (2009)
Chairwoman for Afghan Somoon Society (20180327)
Previous chair of the Society of Afghan Women in Engineering and Construction,
Wolesi Jirga Candidate for a seat in Kabul (2018)


3. Biodata:

Mrs. Zakia Wardak, daughter of late Gen Abdul Ali Khan Wardak was born 1966 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She attended the Polytechnic Institute of Kabul (1984-1989) and received her Bachelors and Masters in Architecture.  Shortly after her studies in Afghanistan, Zakia moved to Montgomery College is Maryland's premier community college and later worked in multiple engineering and architecture firms— one of which was the large and well-known company-- General Electric.

Her father Abdul Ali Khan Wardak was a general who fought the Soviets until he was killed. Her brother Zalmai Wardak, a general and one of the brightest military analysts in Afghanistan, was assassinated. Her husband, Seraj Wardak, also served in the military and always wanted Afghanistan to be united. He fought the Soviet forces along with the Mujahideens and later became the first secretary at the Afghan Embassy in Washington from 1992 to 1998. He left politics to serve the Afghan people — building schools, clinics and orphanages. In 2011, he died in a traffic accident.

About nine years ago she joined her late husband who was Wardak’s tribal leader Serajuddin Wardak to consult on a designing and construction management of the Jamal-uddin Wardak Project in Afghanistan. Zakia and her husband had hopes of building schools and orphanages that improved the lives of widows and orphans in Wonkhai, Wardak. She already boasted experience traveling to villages and meeting with the locals to encourage them to send both their sons and daughters to school, enlightening them to the benefits it provided.  She also had a part time Afghan clothing business that targeted the Afghan fashion market during festivities and special events to help orphanage and some needed families. In light of these developments, year 2009 Zakia Wardak moved back to Afghanistan to provide opportunities to local Afghans with few resources and who were not exposed to a quality education. She particularly wishes to provide employment opportunities for oppressed females. She decided to launch Z+ Engineering, Construction and Logistics to be a part of the rebuilding and modernization of Afghanistan and be a great role model to other Afghan women in Afghanistan. In Year 2011 her company recognized as best new contractor of the year by US Army Corps of engineers. Zakia Wardak became the member of the SAWEC when SAWEC first launched. May 11th of 2012 she became the first president of SAWEC, Society of Afghan Women in engineering and Construction.

Zakia Wardak campaigned for Wolesi Jirga in 2018 election.

She is a widow and has a daughter, Mariam Wardak (born 1986). After Mariam finished studies in the US she was interning in 2004 at the US embassy in Afghanistan for nine months. Thereafter she was a Strategic Planning Adviser at Ministry of Counter Narcotics - Afghanistan.

Wardak speaks Pashtu, Dari, Urdu and English.


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