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Karim, Keramudin Karam Keram

Name Karim, Keramudin Karam Keram
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1962
Function/Grade Ex President Afghan Football Federation AFF
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Chief of staff in the Ministry of Defense when Marshal Fahim was the Minister in the interim administration and transitional government of President Karzai,
National Olympic Committee,
National Security Council NSC
Provincial Governor Panjshir (20100421-20131102)
National Olympic Committee Director (20131102-20140431)

President Afghan Football Federation AFF (2016020, 20181201)

3. Biodata:
keramuddin_keramLt Gen (retd.) Keramuddin Karam was born 1962 in Panjshir Province. He said to Killid: "Mr. Fahim is the Marshal of Afghanistan, he is first vice president. It is clear that when he selects someone, he is never rejected because he is actually a strong vice president," he told Killid. Sediqi (IDLG) said Marshal Fahim has the right to appoint someone as governor. Keramuddin Keram Karamuddin Karam officially 20100421 became the provincial governor, filling a seat that has been empty since late March (2010) when Governor Hajji Bahlol departed the position.

Fifa is examining allegations that members of the Afghanistan national women’s team were sexually and physically abused by men from the country’s football federation, including its president, Keramuudin Karim.(20181130)

An Afghan official said Keramuddin Keram, the powerful head of the Afghan Football Federation and five others (president of the football federation, his deputy, the federation's secretary general, the head of goalkeepers and the head of provincial coordinators) had been suspended. Afghanistan’s Attorney General has suspended him after a probe into allegations of sexual abuse of members of the national women’s soccer team, a spokesman for the attorney general said on Sunday Dec 9, 2018. The alleged abuses took place inside the federation’s headquarters in Afghanistan as well as at a training camp in Jordan last February 2018.(20181209)

FIFA has temporarily suspended Keramuddin Keram, the head of Afghanistan’s Football Federation (AFF), over the alleged physical and sexual abuse of players on the country’s women’s football team.(20181213)

Soccer’s global governing body FIFA on Saturday June 08, 2019 barred the president of Afghanistan’s soccer association Keramuddin Keram from the sport for life, months after reports emerged that he had sexually assaulted players and had threatened them when they went public with their claims of abuse. FIFA announced the punishment against the official, Keramuddin Keram, on the second day of the Women’s World Cup in France. It said that Keram had been found guilty “of having abused his position and sexually abused various female players, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics.”Keram also was fined one million Swiss francs (about $1 million).(20190608)

Afghanistan Attorney General's Office has issued arrest warrant for former president of the country's football federation, Keramuddin Karim.(20190609)

Keramuddin Karim has two wives.

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