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Haqbin, Abdul Jabbar

Name Haqbin, Abdul Jabbar
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1979
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Provincial Governor Baghlan Province (2008-2009)
Chief of the Revenue Department Kabul City (20100124-20120404)
Provincial Governor Sar-i-Pul Sar-i-Pol (20120403-20151007)

3. Biodata:
haqbin_abdul_jabar Abdul Jabar Haqbeen is the son of Abdul Salam. He was born in 1979 in Nahreen district of Baghlan province.
He graduated in 1996 from Kalimran High School in Baghlan while graduated in 2001 from the Faculty of Economics of Kabul University.
Since 2012, he is the governor of Baghlan province. Earlier, he discharged his duties with the Afghan National Bank in different provinces.
He also worked as head of revenue department for Baghlan and Kunduz provinces.

In 2008, he was governor of Baghlan for one year. Before his appointment as Baghlan governor, he was head of Kabul Municipality’s revenue department. His native language is Dari but he speaks Pashto and English to some extent. 
He is reportedly a member of Minister of Finance Ahady's Afghan Millat Party, of which Local Governance director Popal is the deputy.

The IDLG presented Karzai with four candidates for the Governor slot in Baghlan Province and Karzai chose Haqbin, who was said to be a promising technocrat. Abdul Jabar Haqbin (also spelled Jabbar) was appointed as governor of Baghlan in January 2008, replacing Mohammad Alam Ishaqzai, who was removed over allegations of his negligence during the 2007 Baghlan suicide bombing. During his tenure as Governor he spoke in front of a rally supporting Hamid Karzai's threats against the Pakistani Taliban, encouraging the people at the rally to be ready for conflict with Pakistan, remarking: "If the current situation ends up with a war against Pakistan, we will wage it to get the pride of defending our land even if we lose it."

Female Commander Kaftar in 2002 represented Baghlan province at the Emergency Loya Jirga and, after definitively giving up the brigand’s life in 2006, she was proposed for a position in the public administration by the then Baghlan provincial governor, Abdul Jabbar Haqbin.

Like his predecessors, Haqbin was removed from his post after serving around a year, and was replaced with Mohammad Akbar Barakzai.

President Hamid Karzai had later issued a decree appointing Abdul Jabbar Haqbin as Chief of the revenue department Kabul City (20100124). Haqbin was appointed Governor Sar-e-Pul Province 20120403.


He has been vocally supportive of Karzai. By selecting a Tajik, Karzai is likely trying to defuse friction between opposing Hazara factions and the Uzbek population in Saripul Province. Karzai also likely considered Haqbin a reliable technocrat who favors the president’s policies and has previously demonstrated his ability to manage administrations at the provincial level.
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