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Hakimi, Mohammad Shahab Eng Shohab

Name Hakimi, Mohammad Shahab Eng Shohab
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1960
Function/Grade Candidate 2019 Presidential Election
History and Biodata

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1. Former Chairman of mines defusing center:
Engineer Mohammad Shahab Hakimi (20110113)

2. Previous Functions:
Unsuccessful Candidate Wardak Province Wolesi Jirga Election 2005
Chairman Mines defusing center (20120915)
Candidate 2019 Presidential Election

3. Biodata:
Al Haj Engineer Mohammad Shohab Shahab Hakimi was born 1960 in Maidan Wardak Province. He went to Habibia High School, to Kabul University and Preston Uninversity.
He was an unsuccessful Candidate Wardak Province Wolesi Jirga Election 2005 with 728 votes or 0.74%. The 2nd round of agreement on cleaning of mines and unexploded ammunitions around Misainak (Ainak Copper) mine projects was signed between minister of mines Wahidullah Shahrani and Engineer Mohammad Shahab Hakimi (20110111).

He is the Chairman of the Mine Detection and Dog Centre (MDC) aka Mines defusing center. Mohammad Shohab Hakimi email: mdcafghan(at) or mdcafghan(at) phone: 07-07-858-908, 07-00-034-035, or 07-99-876-445.

Hakimi is a Pashtun from the Maidan Wardak Province, Hakimi worked as a university lecturer in Kabul and most recently as the director of the Mine Detection Center. His running mates are Nur ul-Habib Hasir and Abdul Ali Sarabi.

He speaks Pashtu, Dari and English.

More Details:

Mohamad Shohab Hakimi Director (MDC) 0093 700 275 500 mdcafghan(at) mdcafghan(at)
Mohammad Arif Khan Deputy Director (MDC) 0093 700 222 877
Enyatullah Khan Deputy Director (MDC) 0093 700 222 877
Mohammad Shahwali Ayubi Executive Operations Manager 0093 700 290 680
Javed Ahmed Mirpoor Executive Manager 0093 700 213 062
Sultan Mohammad Raufi Public Relation Officer 0093 700 222 899

Behind Kabul Nandara, Kabul, Afghanistan Phone: 0700 222 877

The Mine Detection Center (MDC) was established in 1989 with the goal to make Afghanistan mine- and explosive remnant of war-impact free, where individuals and communities can have a safe environment conducive to national development. From 1994 to 2006, MDC cleared over 169 million square meters of minefields, about half of what the Afghan Mine Action Program has achieved. Thanks to the support of international donors such as USAID, European Commission, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Thailand, UK, the United Nations and others, MDC now has about 1500 qualified technical field personnel and support staff, along with 270 dogs and six demining machines. It can breed dogs and provide veterinarian and medical services. MDC has 10 Mine Dog Groups, 24 Demining Teams, 46 Mine Dog Sets, 6 Mine Dog Groups, 6 Mechanical Demining Units and 2 EOD teams. With the HQ in Kabul City, MDC has got six Field Offices (FO) in six different regions of Afghanistan Kabul FO, Mazar FO, Baghlan FO, Kunduz FO, Uruzgan FO and Nangarhar FO. At its training school in Kabul, MDC trains mine-detecting dogs, dog handlers, mine dog supervisors and mine dog trainers. MDC is proud of its role in clearing a tremendous amount of mined land in Afghanistan and especially proud of its ability to export its expertise by helping establish the MDD capacity in Yemen and Tajikistan.

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