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Ahadi, Anwar-ul Haq Dr. Ahady

Name Ahadi, Anwar-ul Haq Dr. Ahady
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1951
Function/Grade ex Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock MAIL
History and Biodata

1. Previous Ministers of Agriculture, Livestock, Food and Irrigation:
Obaidullah Ramin (Baghlan),
Mohamed Asif Rahimi (2008] and (20100102 - 20141208)
acting Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Salim Khan Kunduzi (20141209)
Asadullah Zamir (20150418)
Nasir Ahmad Durani (20170923, 20171204 confirmed, 20200831)
Anwar-ul Haq Ahadi nominated and acting (20200831) confirmed (20201130)

Deputy Minister:
Abdul Ghani Ghoryani (20100418, 20120409)
Salim Kunduzi (20110316)
Hamdullah Hamdard (20180509)
Raz Mohammad Raz (2010, 20130906)
Engr. Fahimullah Ziaee (20170501)
Deputy minister of agriculture for administration and finance:
Abdul Hadi Rafiee (20210208) his car was targeted by an magnetic IED
Deputy Minister for Irrigation and natural Resources:
Hashmatullah Ghafoori (20210208)

MAIL Directory
Human Resource Department

Home Economic Department
Nazira Rahman
    •    nazira.rahman(at)
    •    +93 700 397 328

Directorate of Serial Crop
Mohammad Akbar Waziri
    •    akbar.waziri(at)
    •    +93 799 232 006

Extension Horticulture Department
Adela Bakhtiary
    •    Adela.bakhtiary(at)
    •    +93 700 661 795

Construction Department
Mohammad Zafar Nazari
    •    zafar.nazari(at)
    •    +93 797 025 025

Statistic & Information Marketing Department
Research Department
Mohammad Qasim Obaidi
    •    qasim.obaidi(at)
    •    +93 700 217 290

Agriculture Coopratives Department
Abdul Razaq Mujadidi
    •    razaq.mujadid(at)
    •    +93 700 876 101

Irrigation Department
Central Cello Department
Said Enayatullah Hashemi
    •    enayat.hashemi(at)
    •    +93 700 095 575

Private Sector Department

Kabul Agriculture Department

Agriculture Coopratives Department
Abdul Razaq Mujadidi
    •    razaq.mujadidi(at)
    •    +93 700 876 101

General Directorate of Forestry & Rangeland
Mohammad Aman Amanyar, (20110125) Mohammad Rafi Qazizadah (20170501)
    •    mohammad.rafi(at)
    •    +93 799 27 22 08

2. Previous Functions
Head of leftist Hezb-e Sosyal Demokratik-e Afghan / Hezb-e Afghan Millat [Ahadi] (since 1966),
President Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank) (2002- 2004),
Minister of Finance (2004 - resigned 20090602),
Executive Advisers to the President for Economic Affairs (20100119),
Minister designate of Economy, no vote of confidence (2009),
Minister of Commerce and Industry (20100628 -20131100)
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock MAIL nominated and acting (20200831) confirmed (20201130)

3. Biodata
ahady_anawarProfessor Doctor Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi son of Qazi Abdul Haq was born 12.08.1951 in Jigdalai, Sarobi District (Nangahar). He earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon in Economics and Political Sciences. He is one of the "Beiruti Boys". That is a group of Afghans who studied at the American University in Beirut and had been living in the USA later. In this group were also the President of University of Kabul, Akbar Popal (2001–2005) and Zalmay Khalilzad, an Afghan by birth, who was later Special US Envoy in Afghanistan and from 2003 to 2005 US-Ambassador in Kabul.

Ahady has also earned a professional Masters degree in Fiscal Affairs and Management from the post-graduate faculty of North Western University and has then earned PHD in the field of Political Sciences from the named University. Dr. Anwar-ul Haq Ahadi has served as assistant professor of political sciences in Carlton University of the USA, from 1985-1987 as the banking director of Continental Elona of Chicago, from 1987 to 2002 as professor of political sciences in Providence University, and from 2002 to 2004 as the Director of Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan), as the Minister of Finance from 2004 to 2009. He resigned in 2009 because he was a candidate in the Presidential Elections in August 2009. He has many writings in academic journals, books and popular dailies of the US. Dr. Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady is the president of the Afghan Social Democratic Party (also known as the Afghan Mellat Party).

Ahadi has personal connections to Pamir Air, a dubious private airline. Ahadi’s wife is a cousin of Jawid Azimi, a former President of Ariana. Azimi and a notorious member of the Afghan drug mafia made private deals with a shady Arab businessmen with ties to airplanes when Azimi was president. The two profited from planes that were sold to Ariana at high prices. Today, Azimi and his mafia friend are major partners of Pamir Air, a direct competitor of Ariana.

His Afghan Millat Party is famous for its ultra Pashtun ethnocentrism but it denies the perception and claims that the party has a comprehensive national agenda.
Afghan Millat has good support among the Pashtun liberals and educated class. But Dr. Ahady’s misfortune is that the class does not have any decisive role for the time being in shaping Pashtun politics.

ahady_anwar_ul_haq_fatimaAhadi was divorced from his first wife later married Fatima Gilani, daughter of Pir Ahmad Gilani. Ahady got no vote of confidence from Wolesi Jirga as a Minister Economy on 20100109. On 20100628 he got a vote of confidence as a Minister of Commerce an Industry.

The New National Front Party of Afghanistan on Tuesday Nov 6, 2018 announced the party has split from the Grand National Coalition of Afghanistan (GNCA) alliance due to disagreements over certain issues said Sayed Javad Hussaini. Their decision to break away from the alliance was because their party’s leader, Anwarul Haq Ahadi did not agree with certain requests by the coalition including the change in the political system and the establishment of a prime minister position, among others.(20181107)

New National Front Afghanistan chief Anwarul Haq Ahadi has joined forces with presidential candidate Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s electoral team, sources said on Thursday Apr 4, 2019.

Meanwhile, Anwarul Haq Ahadi, the former Finance Minister and a front-row supporter of Abdullah Abdullah-led electoral team said that the team should be consist of government-based figures as well as Afghan politicians so that they sit in direct talks with the Taliban.(20200216)

Anwar ul-Haq Ahadi was confirmed as minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock with 189 out of 248 votes,(20201130) He is with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Ahady owns a big house in the USA.

He speaks Pashtu, Dari and English.

Afghan Mellat (Afghan Social Democratic Party) Leader: Anwar al-Haq Ahadi Postal Address: National Bank Club, 3/F, Nader Pashtoon, Jadah, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 070224793, 07992185991.

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