Afghan Biographies

Hakimi, Latifullah

Name Hakimi, Latifullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ministry of Defense (MoD) Inspector General
History and Biodata

1. Ministry of Defense (MoD) Inspector General:
Latifullah Hakimi aka Abdul Lafif Hakimi

2. Previous Function:
Head of the justice department in Afghanistan's western province of Herat (1999)
Media spokesman for the Taliban between January 2004 until his capture in 5. October 2005 in Quetta by Pakistan
Head of the purification commission (2021006)
MoD's Inspector General (20221028)

3. Biodata:
Latifullah Hakimi aka Abdul Latif Hakimi ties to the Taliban go back to the time when Mullah Mohammad Omar's Taliban regime controlled Afghanistan. In early 1999, the Taliban government radio station Sharia Zhagh -- or Voice of Sharia -- described Hakimi as the head of the justice department in Afghanistan's western province of Herat. Later in 1999 and again in 2000, Taliban-run media referred to Hakimi as the head of the information and culture department in Herat. Hakimi is believed to have fled to Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan after U.S. special forces helped Afghanistan's anti-Taliban Northern Alliance topple Mullah Omar's regime in late 2001.

Latifullah Hakimi Mufti Lutfullah Hakimi has asked people to cooperate with the purification commission in identifying those who misuse the name of the Taliban and misbehave with people.(20211224)

Head of the commission Latifullah Hakimi has said that the process of purifying the Taliban ranks has been completed in some provinces and that in others it has been expedited. He said that they have so far dissociated 2,514 Taliban affiliates from their ranks and the process is going on across Afghanistan.(20230925)
The commission has expelled around 4,500 Taliban members.

After a six-month effort to bring reforms, the commission is expected to merge with a security commission comprised of officials from the Ministry of Defense, Interior and the Intelligence department.

At least 135 persons of the expelled forces were underaged.

“We expelled all those who had criminal cases in the past. After this, the security commission will work on this section,” Hakimi told at a conference.(20220221)

Hakimi says the Islamic Emirate’s army now totals 170,000 personnel.(20230925)

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