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Kandahar Loya Jirga 17. August 2022

Name Kandahar Loya Jirga 17. August 2022
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A gathering of religious figures and ulama of the country held in Kandahar with participation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) Supreme Leader Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada has ended with ratification of 16-article resolution.
A number of ministers, governors of the Islamic Emirate (IEA), hundreds of elders, tribal leaders, influential figures, traders, investors and members of the former government attended the gathering held Aug 17, 2022 in Kandahar city.
The agenda of the gathering included support for the Islamic Emirate (IEA), allegiance to the IEA Supreme Leader Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, strengthening of economic and elimination of poverty, expansion of business, good governance, implementation of general forgiveness and consultations for improvement in trade and governance.
The sixteen-article resolution referred to the US airstrike on Kabul, saying that the neighboring countries who allowed the US drone to operate in their territory are involved in this crime and would face consequences.
The resolution also called on the IEA to pay particular attention to rights of minorities, children, women, and of all people involved in justice, religious and modern education, health, agriculture, and industry in light of Sharia law.
The 16-article resolution also stressed on engagement with the world countries and asked the world countries for engagement with the Islamic Emirate rather than hostile propaganda against the IEA.
It’s the second gathering of religious figures and ulama in the country. Previously, a great jirga of religious figures and ulamas were held in Kabul.

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Established 2022-08-22