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Ayoub, Qari Mohammad

Name Ayoub, Qari Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Paktika Corps Commander
History and Biodata

1. Paktika Corps Former Commanders in 203rd Corps "TANDAR" (Thunder) Gardez:
Maj Gen. Walizada (200409).
Maj Gen. Roufie [Rahmatullah Raufi ](200512),
Maj Gen  Abdul Khaliq (2005, 2007, 2012),
Maj Gen  Mohammad Sharif Yaftali (20120808, 20130501, 20151012, 20160130)
Brig Gen Abdul Wasih Abdul Wase Milad (20170425, 20170705)
Maj Gen Dadan Lawang (20180808, 20190503)
Qari Mohammad Ayoub (20211005)

Deputy Paktia Corps:
Mullah Rohul Amin (20211005)

Chief of Staff Paktika Corps:
Mullah Ahmadullah Mubarak (202211005)


Deputy Commander 203rd Thunder Military Corps:
Brig. Gen. Muhammad Akbar Yaldash Yuldash Mohammad Akbar Yaldash (20100630, 20150702)
Gen Murad Ali (Hazara)
Maj Gen Shaur Gul Shour Gul Shahoor Gul  Brigadier General Shaur Gul Pashtun (20180415)
Commander of the Intelligence Kandak of the 203rd Thunder Corps:
Gen. Mohamamd Yaseen Aryan has embraced martyrdom (20180626)

Executive Officer:
Brig Gen Abdul Rauf (20111205)

Other Commanders:
1st Brigade 203rd Corps, Khost Province, Brigade Commander:  Brigadier General Akram, Gen Esrar (20110111), BG Hedayat, Commander 203th Corps 1st Brigade (20170430)
1st Battalion, 1st ANA Brigade commander Col. Nazir Mohammad,
2nd Brigade 203rd Corps, Paktika Province, Brigade Commander: Brig Zamarai, Gen. Abdul Wasih (20170424)
3rd Brigade 203rd Corps, Ghazni/Paktika Province,  Gardez, Brigade Commander:  General Pashtun Momand, Gen. Rajab Ali Rashid Rashidi (20091205, 20100607), Gen Daud Shah Gul Wafadar (20101223, 20110603, 20111226)
4th Brigade 203rd CorpsBrigade Commander: Brig Gen Muhammad Sadiq, Brig Gen Raziq (20180415, 20200624)
5th brigade, 203 Corps, based in Dasht-e Top, Maidan-Wardak. Brigade Commander : Colonel Hamidullah Kohdamani (20201012) 1st and 2nd Kandaks of 5th Brigade in Dasht-e Top

Other Officers:
Col Abdul Wakeel Wakil (20110406)

 Other events:
203rd Commando Kandak 203rd Corps graduated (20071016)

203rd Corps (Tandar/Thunder) – Gardez, AOR Paktya, Khost, Paktika, Ghazni provinces Corps Combat Support Battalion 203rd Route Clearing Company 203nd (2nd) Commando Battalion CM1– Col. Ggulam Nabi, Operational October 16, 2007. Best commando bn. Military Police Company – In training as of Sept. 2008 1st Brigade – Camp Clark, Khost, Brigadier General. Mohammad Israr Aqdas 1st Infantry Battalion – Khost 2nd Infantry Battalion – Khost 3rd Infantry Battalion – Gardez 4th Combat Support Battalion 5th Combat Service Support Battalion – Paktika 6th Infantry Battalion Garrison Support Unit 2nd Brigade – Forward Operating Base Rushmore, Sharana, Paktika 1st Infantry Battalion 2nd Infantry Battalion – Khost/Gardez 3rd Infantry Battalion – Paktya Operational July 2008 4th Combat Support Battalion – Khost/Gardez (2x D30 Howitzers) Operational Oct 2005 5th Combat Service Support Battalion Garrision Support Unit 3rd Brigade CM2– Ghazni Operational December 2007 1st Infantry Battalion – Ghazni 2nd Infantry Battalion – Operational Sept 21 2008 3rd Infantry Battalion – Paktya Operational July 2008 4th Combat Support Battalion – Khost/Gardez (2x D30 Howitzers) Operational Oct 2005 5th Combat Service Support Battalion CM1 6th Infantry Battalion UF 3. Biodata: Maj. Gen. Abdul Khaleq is the son of Bismellah, from Kabul. Background: The 203rd Corps based in the south east of Gardez city. The corps is supported by the Gardez Regional Support Squadron of the ANAAC, equipped with 8 helicopters: 4 transport to support the Corps' commando battalion, 2 attack, and two medical transport. Location: HQ 203rd Corps Gardez (Paktia Province). 3rd Bde 203 Corps Gardez (Paktia Province). 2nd Bde 203rd Corps Sharan (Paktika Province).


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