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Haqqani, Khalil ur Rahman

Name Haqqani, Khalil ur Rahman
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Minister of Refugees
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Refugees and Repatriation: 
Dr. Moh. Azam Dadfar (Faryab),
Ustad Akbar Akbar (2006),
Abdul Karim Brahui (20090209 - 20100824),
Jamahir Anwari (20101011 -20140930)
Jamahir Anwari acting Minister (20141001)
acting Minister of Refugees Fazl Ahmad Azimi (20141209)
Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi (20150127, 20171112, 20200831)
Noor Rahman Akhlaqi nominated and acting (20200831) confirmed (20201130)
Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani (2021-09-21)

Deputy Minister of Refugee Affairs:
Arsala Khoroti Mohammad Arsalah Kharotai (20211005, 20220309)


Deputy Minister:
Malang Rasuli (200605),
Dr. Samad Hami (20110000, 20120424)
Dr Alema Alema (20161007)

Speaker of MoRRA:
Islamuddin Jurat (20110421)
Chief of policy and planning of the ministry of refugees and repatriates:
Mohammad Mahdi was arrested in an explicit corruption case (20160719)

Deputy Minister of Refugees:
Arsala Kharoti Mohammad Arsalan Kharouti (202100921, 20221019, 20230730)

2. Previous Function:

Minister of Refugees (20210907, 20221019) acting
3. Biodata:
Khalil al Rahman Haqqani is Sirajuddin's uncle, was added to the US's list of terrorists in February 2011. Khalil is a key fundraiser, financier, and operational commander for the Haqqani Network, and has been crucial in aiding and supporting al Qaeda's military, the Lashkar al Zil or Shadow Army.

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