Afghan Biographies

Farid, Ustad Abdul Sabor

Name Farid, Ustad Abdul Sabor
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1951
Function/Grade killed MP MNA
History and Biodata

Ostad Abdul Sabor Farid was one of the 34 by the President (Karzai) nominated Members of the Meshrano Jirga. He is not elected.
Phone: 0799304079

2. Previous Functions:
killed-Meshrano Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Kapisa

3. Biodata:
Abdul Sabur Farid, son of Abdul Shukur, was born in 1951 in the village of Chasham Allah in Kohistan district of Kapisa province. He completed his primary and secondary education in the following places: Gulbahar, Mir Masjidi Khan Secondary School, Numan, Khan Abad, Habibia and Jabul Seraj high schools between 1954 and 1970. He was admitted to the Roshan Teachers’ Training Academy and, after two years of study he was appointed as a teacher at Mir Masjidi Khan High School. After two years of service in the education sector, he was admitted to the Roshan Teachers’ Training Academy again. After completing his education, he was appointed as a teacher at the Gulbahar High School in Parwan province. Sen. Farid sought refuge in Pakistan and Iran immediately after the Communist coup. In 1980, he returned to the country and joined the armed anti-Soviet resistance. During the jihad, he led mujahideen contingents in Parwan and Kapisa. Following the mujahideen victory and establishment of an Islamic government in 1992, he was appointed as first Prime Minister; however, after a short period of time, due to inappropriate conditions, he went to Iran, Switzerland and Pakistan. Sen. Farid joined the anti-Taliban resistance was appointed provincial governor of Parwan for a brief period. He was appointed to the Meshrano Jirga by the President. He is married and has 10 children. Farid was a former premier and one-time Gulbadin Hekmatyar-loyalist. He later served as a member of the upper house of the National Assembly of Afghanistan until he was assassinated in a shooting outside his home in Kabul on May 3, 2007.

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