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Chora District Uruzgan Province Oruzgan

Name Chora District Uruzgan Province Oruzgan
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief Chora District Uruzgan Oruzgan Province:
Daud Zaheer Zahir Haji Daud Khan (200100517), killed by his guest during lunch at his house, relative Sardar Mohammad said (20111030)
Rozi Khan, former Uruzgan Provincial Police Chief, shot dead by Australian Forces (20080918)
Aminullah Khaleqi (20171001, 20180325)

District Police Chief:
Mohammad Gul (20110120) killed in a roadside bombing in Sari area (20110928)
Qeyamuddin, the Chori district police chief, was killed when was travelling in the Kamisan area where his vehicle struck a landmine late on 20130411.
2nd Lt Abdul Qawi Omari(20141011, 20150110)

Deputy District Police Chief:
Gran (20110603)

The pullout of Dutch forces from Chora in August 2010 led to a power vacuum in the district, where three major tribes, Barikzai, Popalzai and Achikzai, have been fighting for control of the district's administrative affairs. The control is now mainly in the hands of Barikzai tribe (20110120).

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