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Ishaqzai, Abdul Hakim Brig Gen

Name Ishaqzai, Abdul Hakim Brig Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Deputy Commander 202nd Shamshad Zone ANP Police
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Brig Gen Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai:
Provincial Police Chief Khost (20100828, 20111006)
Provincial Police Chief Logar (2014071, 20150600)
Deputy Commander 202nd Shamshad Zone ANP Police (20160713)

3. Biodata Gen Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai:
Abdul Hakim Ishaqzai Is'haqzai Hakeem Eshaqzai. He had some troubles with local strongmen in Khost Province.

However, the police chief rejected the allegations as baseless. "If they (provincial council members) can prove me guilty, I am ready to stand trial," Ishaqzai said, adding each council member had sought 28 police personnel for their security The relevant law allowed them only eight policemen, he explained, saying most policemen were relatives of the council members and received salaries at homes. Ishaqzai said he had withdrawn the extra policemen from lawmakers.

A council member's brother, a candidate for last parliamentary election, asked police for ballot stuffing in his favour. Ishaqzai said he thwarted the poll runner's bid. "That's why some council members are against me."

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