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Ghulam Haidar Khan High School Kabul

Name Ghulam Haidar Khan High School Kabul
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Ghulam Haidar Khan High School is an all-boys school located in Second Phase Khair Khana section of Kabul, Afghanistan. The school is named after Afghan Prince Ghulam Haidar Khan, son of Emir Dost Mohammad Khan, who fought against the British forces in the July 1839 Battle of Ghazni during the First Anglo-Afghan War.

Currently the school, in the northern parts of Kabul city, has more than 10,000 students enrolled at it and 200 teachers.

Over the years, concerted efforts have been made to improve the school's image – efforts that have paid off. Testimony to this is the number of awards the school has won and all the letters of appreciation it has received.


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