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Kharoti, Haji Nazir

Name Kharoti, Haji Nazir
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors:
Jan Mohammad  Khan Mohammadi (Drug Related, Popolzai) (2002, killed 20110717 in Kabul),
Maulavi Abdul Hakim Munib Monib (200406),
Assadullah Hamdam (200709 - 20100322) sacked, because of embezzlement,
Mohammad Omar Sherzad (20101013 - 20120403)
Amir Muhammad Akhunzada (20120403 - 20140310  ) sacked
Amanullah Tairmuri (20140312-20151003)
Haji Nazir Kharotai (20151004-20180303)
Asadullah Saeed (20180304)

Acting Governor:
Haji Khuda-i-Rahim Popal Khudai Rahim Khan Khodai Rahim Popal, (20100511, 20100902), he survived a suicide bombing 20100616. Popal is an uncle of the Militia Leader Matiullah Khan.

Deputy Governor:
Khudai Rahim Khan (20120328, 20150320)

Governor's Spokesman:
Ahmad Milad Modasser Mudassir Madasir (20110322)
Sayed Hamdard Maruf (20120315)
Abdullah Himmat Hemat (20120812)
Dost Mohammad Nayab (20140911, 20150415, 20160621)

Provincial counternarcotics chief:
Col. Noorullah Hotak (20110507)

Energy department head:
Samiullah Sharafat (20110530)

Health department head:
Khan Agha Miakhel Nehakil (20110728)

Counter-criminal department Director:
Gen. Gulab Khan (20120312)

Director of Education:
interim Director Tajwar Kakar, (Oct. 25, 2011)
Education Director Siddiqullah Hand Haand arrested on corruption charges (20121122)
Ihsanullah Nashir (20140410) the education director was the eighth to be appointed in Uruzgan over the past 12 years, but none of them had been able to do something good for education.(20140410)

Director of the Red Crescent for Uruzgan:
Aimal Haand Hand, (May 2012)

Director Province health:
Khanagha Miakhel (16 Jul 2012)

Agriculture Director:
Sardar Mohammad Alkoh (7 Mar 2011)

Director of Women’s Affairs (DOWA):
Mrs. Rana Sami Wade (20120402, 20131218)
Haj and Religious affairs director:
Mawlawi Mohammad Allah Abdali Mohammadullah Abdali (20140911) a mine planted by militants struck his cars  at around 09:00 a.m. local time injuring him along with his bodyguard and his driver in front of his house. (201400911) A bomb-rigged motorcycle was detonated when Maulvi Hamdullah’s car passed by it in the first police district of Tirinkot. He was injured.(20150208)
Uruzgan Hajj and Auqaf director Maulvi Hamdullah (20160506)


2. Previous Functions Mohammad Nazir Kharotai :
Provincial Governor Uruzgan (20151004-20180303)

3. Biodata:
Haji Nazir Kharotai Nasir Ahmad Kharoti was born in Laghman Province and belongs to the Kharotai clan of the Ghilzai tribe. Haji Mohammad Nazir Kharoti is a member of executive committee of Kharoti Tribe Council.(20140128)

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