Afghan Biographies

Atta Mohammad Farooqi

Name Atta Mohammad Farooqi
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Urban primary court chief Ghor Province
History and Biodata

3. Biodata:
Ghor province's urban primary court chief Atta Mohammad Farooqi was arrested by police on Thursday Sep 16, 2015 on allegations of accepting a bribe. Before this, the court chief reportedly ordered the public whipping of a man and woman for having an adulterous affair.(20150917) Ahmad, 21, and Zarmina, 22, were arrested from Feroz Koh city, Ghor Province by security personnel and put in jail about 20 days before.The couple received 100 lashes each by the order of the Primary Court after they were held guilty of having illegal contacts with each other. Atta Mohammad Farouqi, judge of the primary court said that Ahmad and Zarmina confessed to their crimes after which they were sentenced to lashes.(20150901)

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