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Muradi, Masooda Mrs.

Name Muradi, Masooda Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1979
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Provincial Governor Daikundi (20150605-20170927)

3. Biodata:
Mrs. Masooma Muradi Masuma Muradi was born 1979 and hails from Kandahar Province. She was a nominee for commissioner post of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) (20130729). Barely a year after President Ashraf Ghani appointed Muradi, her job hangs by a thread, with growing calls for her ouster from religious conservatives and opponents. It highlights the travails of being the only woman in an overwhelmingly male preserve. Protests erupted even before she arrived in Daikundi, with political opponents — almost all men — pillorying her lack of governance experience.(20160801) She was the second Hazara woman to become Governor.

Masooma Muradi, who is currently Afghanistan’s only woman governor, claims that her work is hampered by a highly-critical media that has gone to extremes to discredit her – including through innuendo on Facebook and by secret taping of private discussions, including those of her husband. (20170920)

Masooma Muradi , Afghanistan’s only female provincial governor,  has been replaced by a man, an official said on Wednesday (Sept 27), in a blow to women politicians in the patriarchal country. She had faced strong resistance from religious conservatives and political opponents since her appointment in 2015 as governor of Daikundi.(20170927)

She is a mother of two children.

Muradi speaks Dari.

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