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Safi, Mohammad Omar

Name Safi, Mohammad Omar
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions Mohammad Omar Safi:
Head of UN Security Office North Afghanistan (10 years)
Provincial Governor Kunduz (20141202-20150930)

3. Biodata:
Mohammad Omer Safi Omar Safai was born 1972 in Balkh Province and hails from Mazar-i-Sharif, Balkh Province. Safi has specialized in security and threat administration and was awarded Master from the University of Leicester in United Kingdom (Class of 2010). He was a research student at King's College London (20121001). Mohammed Omar Safi was a delegate from Balkh province during Kabul peace conference 20100603. He has worked for ten years as head of the United Nations security office in the North of Afghanistan. Safi was appointed as the new governor of Kunduz province after receiving an approval from the presidential palace.(20141202). Safi threatened to quit over illegal groups. (20150330) President Ghani’s previous decision to send Omar Safai, an ethnic Pashtun, to govern Kunduz, a province where Pashtuns are a minority, had contributed to dissatisfaction with the government and allowed the Taliban to gain support.
In recent weeks, there were also growing calls for Ghani to replace the governor of Kunduz province, Omar Safi, who was away on Monday 28, Sep 2015. The main reason for the deterioration of the security situation and the Taliban’s gains is bad management of the affairs by the governor and lack of attention from the central government,” said Mohammad Yousuf Ayoubi, the chief of Kunduz’s provincial council.(20150928)
Mohammad Omar Safi
has fled to Europe after Kunduz City, the provincial capital, fell to Taliban insurgents, some sources said on Tuesday 29, Sep 2015.
He had been in Tajikistan, from where he was trying to reach London, a government official said. An Afghan diplomat in Dushanbe also wrote on his Facebook wall that the governor of Kunduz moved to Uzbekistan from Tajikistan, then Turkey to reach Europe. He wrote after obtaining Tajikistan visa, Omar wanted to head to Europe. A Meshrano Jirga member said Governor Safi went to the UK after the fall of Kunduz City.(20150929) The governor of the northern Afghan province of Kunduz -- who was outside the country when the provincial capital fell to Taliban fighters earlier this week -- has returned to Kabul and is dismissing reports that he had fled for Europe.(20150930)

Omar Safi was the first provincial governor to be appointed by President Ashraf Ghani in December 2014 in a gesture signifying Kunduz was to be a priority, and an example of the change in the way provinces were to be run. Safi was continually undermined, however, by local office holders and their patrons in Kabul, including in his efforts to disband militias in the province. His deputy, Hamdullah Daneshi, a Jamiati who has retained his position for 13 years (indicating strong support from Kabul), has been a staunch supporter of militias in Kunduz. As he said in an interview published in June 2015, they prevented the province from falling back into the hands of the Taleban, an opinion shared by his former mujahedin compatriots. Ghani was eventually forced to drop Omar, also due to political pressure and rumours that Safi had fled.(20160818)



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