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Ebadi, Sultan Mohammad

Name Ebadi, Sultan Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1962
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Sultan Mohammad Ebadi Abadi:
Afghanistan Department of Disaster Preparedness (ADDP) Offficial (20050118)
Provincial Governor Baghlan (20120920-20151007)

3. Biodata Sultan Mohammad Ebadi:
Sultan Mohammad Ebadi - 's ex-intelligence Chief - was appointed as the new Governor by President (20120920). Chief of National Directorate of Security (NDS) in Balkh Province is Gen Maj Ebadullah Ebad - may be the names got mixed up.
Sultan Mohammad Ebadi Son of Abdul Wadood, Sultan Mohammad Ebadi was born in 1962 in Yaftal district of Badakhshan. He is graduated from high school in his native district while completed his higher education from History Department at Dawat University in Kabul.
While young, he was political affiliation with the Jamiat-i-Islami party and took part in Jihad against Soviet invasion in 1981. He came to Kabul when Mujahedeen took over in 1992. He started working as a colleague with the ambassador of Saudi Arabia. Ebadi served as Presidential Palace security chief in 1993.
After the rise of Taliban during in the 1990, he was appointed head of military contingent in Badakhshan while Taliban was about to take control of most of the country except the birthplace of former President Rabani.
After the collapse of Taliban, he worked as Major General, commander of Presidential Palace guards. In 2005, he served as director of Afghan National Disaster Management Authority.
In 2005, the governor of  Baghlan was a candidate for the lower house from Badakhsan but could not win. He came to Kabul where he was appointed as head of security department in Balkh province and served there until 2010. In 2012, he was appointed as Baghlan governor.

In Baghlan, residents gathered in front of the governor’s house, accusing the governor of inefficiency. The protestors left a letter at one of the gates of the governor’s office, accusing the governor of being lazy. Land-grabbers had occupied state properties but the governor had been silent, people say. They say Governor, Sultan Mohammad Ebadi, was unconcerned about people’s problems and that was why they left the letter for him to read. During the past 13 years of former president Hamid Karzai’s government, Ebadi has been the laziest governor doing nothing to prevent irregularities, corruption and criminals.(20141104)

He speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Arabic as well.  

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