Afghan Biographies

Zulali, Abdul Raziq

Name Zulali, Abdul Raziq
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Deputy Head of HOOAC
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Deputy Head of HOOAC Administration and Finance (20110823)

3. Biodata:
zulali_abul_raziqAbdul Raziq Zulali is a staunch follower of the Karzai Administration. Speaking at a press conference Abdul Raziq Zulalai said (20110823) that projects run by foreigners lack enough transparency. "Corruption Mafia always tries to create a point of difference between the Afghan government and the international community," Zulali said. He said it would have been much easier to look after the projects if they were run by Afghans. He said: "If foreign hands continue to be involved, it would mess up the government activities and undermine the rule of law."

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