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Hamdam, Shafiq Mohammad

Name Hamdam, Shafiq Mohammad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1981
Function/Grade Political affairs expert
History and Biodata

Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam
Phone:· 0093 (0) 799344984 or 0093 (0) 700637582
Email: shafiq.hamdam(at)

2. Previous Functions:
Subject Matter Expert (Content/ Curriculum Developer) University of Maryland, Washington D.C. Metro (20140500-)
Senior Research Fellow University of Maryland, Washington D.C. Metro (20140500-)
Civil Vision InternationalAnalyze, write on, and comment for the media on sociopolitical development
May 2014 – Washington D.C. Metro
MEDIA AND COUNTRY ADVISOR (20080800 - 20140000)
NATO Senior Civilian Representative Office, ISAF HQ Kabul Afghanistan
Information Operation and Public Affairs Office, United State Army, East Afghanistan
November 2004 to April 2007- LINGUIST AND CULTUERL ADVISOR
USA and UK Armed Forces Afghanistan
March 2004 to December 2004- ADMIN AND LOGISTIC OFFICER
AREA (Agency for Rehabilitation and Energy Conservation for Afghanistan) DDR (Demobilization Disarmament and Reintegration) Kabul Afghanistan
December 2002 February 2004- RADIOLOGIST ASSISTANT
Shenwari X-ray and Ultrasound Clinic Jalalabad Afghanistan
December 2001 for short period as an interpreter, Nangarhar Afghanistan

3. Biodata:
hamdam_shafiqMohammad Shafiq “Hamdam” son of Mohammad Yusuf was born 24 Mar 1981 in Mehtalam City, Laghman Province. He studied at Secondary School June 1996 Alishang High School, Laghman Afghanistan High School June 1999 Shahid Mohammad Arif High school, Jalalabad Afghanistan. 2002 he was awarded Bachelor of Medical Radiology December 2002 Nangarhar Institute of Health Science, Jalalabad Afghanistan. 2002 Hamadam got a Bachelor of Science (BSC) (Medical Radiology), Nangarhar Institute of Health Science Jalalabad Afghanistan and in 2003 a Diploma in Administration and Economy (DAE) Collage for Administration and Economy Jalalabad Afghanistan. He received a Diploma of Administration and Economy June 2003 Swiss Collage for Administration and Economy Jalalabad Afghanistan and a Graduated (Master Level) from Advance Security and International Relation June 2010 George C. Marshall Garmisch, Germany.

Hamdam is working as a Media and Political Adviser at the Office of the  NATO Senior Civilian Representative to Afghanistan, where he covers the Media and political parliamentary affairs of Afghanistan.(20110510)

Mohammad Shafiq Hamdam is also a social activist for promoting peace, justice and human rights. He is founder and volunteer Chairman of Afghan Anti-Corruption Network (ANCN), a leading network of civil society organizations fighting corruption.(20130728)

Mohammad Shafique Hamdam said every Taliban step that pave the way for the dignified and respectful return of Afghans was appreciated. He said acting government wanted to bring back political opponents through this commission and it would be first step for a wide-range and inclusive government in the country.

He stressed besides politicians, common and professional Afghans should also be facilitated to return to Afghanistan.(20220317)

Languages: Dari, Pashtu, English Urdu and fair Arabic.

Hamdam is married and has a son and daughter.



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