Afghan Biographies

Karzai, Haider

Name Karzai, Haider
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Los Angeles Foreign Press Center Director
History and Biodata

Haider Karzai
Phone: 202-504-6401
Email: karzaihm2(at) (20081025)

2. Previous Functions:
Director, Los Angeles Foreign Press Center, Department of State (2003 - 2021)

3. Biodata:
karzai_haiderHaider Karzai is President Karzais Cousin and works for the Department of State, Foreign Press Center Los Angeles. Haider Karzai belongs to the Karzai Clan. Haider Karzai died April 30, 2021 of a self inflicted gun shot wound.(20211118)

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