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Laghman PC 2009 Lagman

Name Laghman PC 2009 Lagman
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Function/Grade Provincial Council Laghman Members 2009 PC
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Final Certified Provincial Council Results:

Muallim Abdul Rahman Malang, Head of Lagman PC 2009 (20100809), killed by remote controlled bomb in Sharmaki District, Lagman Province (20110315)
Mir Hatam Tarakhel (20121004)

20-Dec-09 01:30 PM
Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Emadedin Bdalrhymzy 6043 6.9%
2 Food Sngrval 5061 5.8%
3 Mir Hatam Tarakhel 4570 5.2%
4 Haji Khan Naseri Mokaram Nasery 3985 4.6% was elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010
5 الحاج teacher Mlng 3799 4.3%
6 Anjnyrajml "fulfill" 3662 4.2%
7 واحده "filter" 1162 1.3%
8 Mrs. Farzaneh "Amirzai" 1099 1.3%
9 Mrs. Razia Ziazi 1079 1.2%

1. Qari Mir Hatem Tarakhail:
Son of Abdul Hadi, Qari Mir Hatem Tarakhail is born in 1973 in Qarghayio district of Laghman. He studied religious education up to 14th. He was a leading member of Jamiat-i-Islami. Before assuming the charge as member of provincial council, he served as teacher. Now, he is head of Laghman provincial council.   
Contact: 0799464447
2. Gulzar Sangarwal:
Son of Sher Muhammad, Gulzar Sangarwal is born in 1978. During migration, he has certificates in law and religious studies from Wifaq-ul-Madarris Multan, Pakistan. Earlier, he was also a member of provincial council. Currently, he is secretary of provincial council. In the past, he has political affiliation with Hizb-e-Islami. However, presently he has no political sympathy with any party.
Contact: 0700494738
3. Ajmal Wafa:
Ajmal Wafa is the son of Ali Akbar. He is born in 1983. He graduated from faculty of agriculture. He serves as deputy of Laghman provincial council. He has no political affiliation.
4. Haji Abdul Aziz:
Son of Abdul Rahim, Haji Abdul Aziz is born in 1963 in Sangra, a locality in Alingar district. He is uneducated and is a known former Jihadi commander. He is member of Laghman provincial council.
Contact: 0700486283
5. Gulab-u-Din  
Born in Badpakh district in 1968, Bulab-u-Din is the son of Najmdin-u-Din. He is uneducated, however, before assuming charge, he played greater role in resolving local disputes. He is former Jihadi commander. He has no political sympathy with any political party.
Contact: 0700171373
6. Commander Attiqullah:
Son of Kator Khan, Commander Attiqullah is born in Qarghayio district in 1969. He did not formally get educated but he learned some education after special arrangements. A former Jihadi commander, he played a leading role in fight against Russia. Currently, he serves as member of Laghman provincial council. He was a tribal elder. During Karzai previous tenure, he was Qarghayio district chief.   
7. Mrs. Razia Niazi:   
Daughter of Sher Alam, Razia Niazi is born in Mehtar Lam, the capital city of Laghman in 1988. Currently, she is student of faculty of law at Aryana Institute Education. She has no political affiliation.  
Contact: 070819827
8. Mrs. Bibi Khard:
Bibi Khard is the daughter of Abdul Hadi. She is born in Mehtar Lam in 1972. She studied up to 12th class. She served as a teacher. Now, she is member of Laghman provincial council. She has no political affiliation with any party.
Contact: 070776072
9. Mrs. Farzana: 
Farzana is the daughter of Engineer Muhammad Jaffer who hails from Laghman’s Mehtar Lam locality. She did not return to attend the provincial council after getting married. Also, she resigned as member Laghman provincial council membership.

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