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Kohistani, Jawid Jawed Kuhistani

Name Kohistani, Jawid Jawed Kuhistani
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Political Analyst
History and Biodata

1. Former Advisers President Cultural Affairs:
Zalmai Hewadmal,
Jawed Kuhistani (Kohestani) (20070404),

2. Previous Functions:
Adviser President Cultural Affairs (2011)
Political Analyst (2012, 20160508)

3. Biodata:
kohistani_javidJawid Kohistani is a former military officer and intelligence official. Javid Kohistani, a political scholar, raised the question why the army was not able to prevent the attack on its own center of gravity. “This attack illustrates that there is mismanagement in the defence ministry and that it is infiltrated by the enemy.”  Kohistani argued that the army had been weakened by inter-ethnic tensions between high-level staff of the ministry. “They don’t think about national interests but just about their own ethnic group.”(20110422)

Jawid Kohistani said that the country would face a dangerous future when its political figures and its president continue to hide realities and to divert public opinion.(20120823)
Political analyst Jawed Kohistani said Monday night, Dec 07, 2015  that unknown gunmen tried to carry out an attack on his house but thanks to residents in the area, the attack was thwarted. Kohistani said the incident happened at about 7pm but after been spotted, the gunmen fled the area.Kabul police have not however confirmed the incident nor commented.(20151208)
Javed Kohistani, a retired Afghan general now works as a political analyst.(20160508)

Nahzat-e Azadi wa Demokrasiye Afghanistan (Freedom and Democracy Movement of Afghanistan) Leader: Abdul Raqib Jawed Kohestani Postal Address: Suraya Lycee, Karte 4, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 070281953

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