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History and Biodata view: The list of Members of the High Council for Peace and Reconcilliation  has raised a few eyebrows in Afghanistan. Most of the members are handpicked loyal Hamid Karzai followers. A number of the names are "ex-Jihadi, ex-northern alliance leaders". These people were still fighting the Taliban up until 2001, so the question is will that stop some of the more moderate members of the Taliban from coming to the negotiating table. The list contains "too many names here that Afghans will associate with war crimes, warlordism and corruption."

The High Peace Council (HPC) has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with no huge achievements, said Afghan experts. The former Head of HPC, Burhanuddin Rabbani, in his Turkey trip, excluding air tickets and hotel bills, spent over US$20,000, Younus Fakor said. However, deputy head of HPC rejected the allegations and said that they have only spent US$400,000 since the establishment of the Council. (20110523).

Experts believe that the reason the US has itself established direct contact with the Taliban is because it has lost confidence in Afghan Peace Council. Experts say that although the Peace Council has spent large amounts of money, it has achieved little. Afghan Peace Council activities faded more after the Council's Chief Burhanuddin Rabbani was assassinated by a man who presented himself as a Taliban peace messenger.(20111220)

70 Members of the Peace Council  including 8 women:
1. Chairman Peace Council  : Burhanudin Rabbani (killed by suicide bomber 20110911); successor: Salahudin Rabbani (20120415) 70. Spokesperson Baryali Helal (20101017) Maulavi Shazada Shahid; fired because declaring Osama bin Ladin matyr (20140226)  2. Sibghatullah Mujadadi, 3. Maulvi Pir Mohammad Rohani 4. Haji Fazal Karim Fazal, 5. Pir Syed Ahmad Gilani, 6. Ayatollah Sheikh Muhammad Asif Mohseni, 7. Prof. Abdur Rab Rassoul Sayyaf, 8. Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq, 9. Syed Noorullah Sadat, 10. Syed Mansoor Naderi, 11. Haji Suleiman Yari, 12. Muhammad Ismail Khan, 13. Dr Farooq Wardak, resigned from his membership (20111227) 14. Professor Nimatullah Shahrani, 15. Arsala Rahmani (Former Taliban Deputy Minister of Higher Education), 16. Haji Sherin Khan Noorzai, 17. Haji Muhammad Naeem Kochi, Sardar Na’im Kuchi.Na’im Kuchi played a role in the Bergdahl swap. Kuchi, a former senior mujahedin and Taleban commander, was detained in Guantanamo, but ‘reconciled’ on his release in 2004. 18. Haji Din Muhammad, 19. Mullah Taj Muhammad Mujahid, 20. Maulvi Muhammad Shah Adil, 21. Haji Fazal Karim Aimaq, 22. Maulvi Qayamuddin Kashaf, 23. Maulvi Mohiuddin Baloch, 24. Maulvi Shafiullah Shafi, 25. Arif Khan Noorzai, 26. Muhammad Daqiq, 27. Deputy Chairman/ Secretary: Ataullah Lodin Attaullah Ludin, (20110103, 20110330) 28. Anwar Khan Ishaqzai, 29. Hassan Takhari, 30. Maulvi Abdul Hakim Mujahid, 31. Asadullah Wafa, 32. Maulvi Khudaida, 33. Qazi Muhammad Amin Wiqad Muhammad Amin Waqad, 34. Habibullah Fawzi (Former Taliban Ambassador to Saudi Arabia) , 35. Muhammad Akbari, 36. Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, 37. Maulvi Shahzada Shahid, 38. Foreign Relations Adviser to the HPC:  Muhammad Ismail Qasimyar Ismaiel Qasemyar (20111220), 39. Amir Muhammad Agha, 40. Faqir Muhammad Khan (Former Taliban), 41. Muhammad Yusuf Waezi, 42. Abdul Ghani Khan Tokhi, 43. Sher Muhammad Akhunzada, 44. Haji Amanullah Otmanzai, 45. Abdul Wahid Baghrani, 46. Khalifa Qazal Ayyaq, 47. Maulvi Qalamuddin, 48. Engineer Ibrahim Spinzada, 49. Haji Moosa Khan Hotak, 50. Maulvi Salikzada, 51. Abdul Hameed Mubarez, 52. Siddiq Ahmad Osmani, 53. Mawdodi, 54. Aminuddin Muzafari, 55. Syed Muhammad Amin Tariq, 56. Baz Muhammad Khan Zurmati, 57. Abdul Khaliq Hussaini, 58. Haji Muhammad Daud Zahidyar, 59. Muhammad Hashim Faulad, 60. Maulvi Jora, 61. Syed Rahman Haqqani (Former Taliban deputy minister of mines),

Eight women on the council are: 62. Sara Surkhabi, 63. Jamila Hamidi, 64. Hawa Alam Nuristani, 65. Najia Ziwari, 66. Siddiqa Balkhi, 67. Gulhar Jalal, 68. Dr Gulalai Noor Safi, 69. Qamar Khosti, 70. Rahmatulla Wahidyar Wahid Yar (Ex Taliban Deputy Minister of Refugees Affairs)

Wahid Omar, chief spokesman of Afghan president on 20100928 announced the names of 70 members of High Council for Peace set up by the president recently to accelerate reconciliation process with Taliban and associated militant groups fighting Afghan and NATO-led troops in the country. The leadership of the peace jirga (20100602) and heads of the gathering's 28 committees drew up a 16-article declaration, which included establishing a high council for peace to open negotiations with armed opposition groups. A Presidential decree, NATO coalition officials say, would establish the "High Council for Peace" to begin a nationwide outreach effort to lure insurgents away from the battlefield. The council would set up local reintegration committees at the provincial level, led by provincial governors.

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