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Hayat, Hayatullah

Name Hayat, Hayatullah
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1974
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Nangahar
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors Nangahar:

Haji Saheb Din Mohammad Haji Aizizullah Din Mohammad (2002-2004),
Gul Agha Shirzai stepped down because Presidential Election 2014 (20050712-20131000),
Maulvi Attalullah Ludin (20131114-20150321 resigned)
Salim Khan Kunduzi (20150519, 20161002 resigned)
Gulab Mangal (20161019, 20180513 resigned)
Hayatullah Hayat (20180514)
Deputy Governor Nangarhar Province:·
Dr. Mohamad Alam Ishaqzai (20100204),
Mohammad Gardewal Mohammad Hanif Gardiwal (20110331, 20161022, 2018)
Mrs. Habiba Kakar Qazizada (20180520)
Tamim Arif Mohmand (20181201)

Governor's spokesman:
Ahmad Zia Abdulzai (20100926, 20120916, 20140828)
Ataullah Khogyani Attaullah Khogyani (20160109, 20170517, 20180111)

Director of Refugees Department:
Ghulam Haidar Faqirzai (20120109)

Director of Women Affairs Department:
Mrs. Anisa Imrani (20111003, 20121225)

Agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock Department Director:
Mohammad Hussain Safi, Husain Mohammad Hussain Sapi (20110726, 20120312)

Public health Department Director:
Dr. Ajmal Pardes (20100910)·
Dr. Baz Muhammad Sherzad, Dr. Baaz Mohammad Sherzad  (20110925, 20120527)
Najibullah Kamawal, the head of the Nangarhar health department (20151012, 20181002)

Public Welfare Department Director:
Muhammad Arif (20100909)

Department of Information and Culture Director:
Aurang Samim Awrang Samim (20110317, 20111121)

Department of Labor and Social Affairs Director:
Abdul Hakim Sherzad (20110313, 20170517)

Department of Education Director:
Dr. Allah Dad (20110331)
Mohammad Asif Shinwari (20110920)
Haseebullah Shinwarai (20181112)

Department of Economy Director:
Sayed Qayas (20110331)

Department of Hajj and Auqaf Director:
Maulvi Abdul Aziz Khairkhwa (20110824)
Mohammad Zahir Haqqani (20180307) killed by suicide bomber

Water and Energy, Power department Director:
Eng. Mohibur Rahman Momand Mohib-ul Rahman (20111101, 20121120)

Provincial Traffic Director:
Ghulam Dastageer Dastagir (20110825)

Public works director:
Fazal Rabi Walizai (20120225) was seriously injured by attack of unknown men in Farm Heda area of that province. (20121015)

Zabit Khan Mangal (20170408)
Head of Youth Affairs Department:
Noor Agha Zwak (20120529)

Tribal and border affairs director:
Baryalai Gardiwal (20120801) sacked

Wajihur Rahman (Fazal Hadi Shinwari’s son) (20120803)
Head of the provincial customs Department:
Elhamuddin Muzhar (20170412)
Head of the Population Registration Department:

Hafeez Pahlawan (20170621)

Agate is illegally extracted from Helmand while Jade is extracted in Kunar and Nangarhar and sent to Pakistan, but Chinese companies are their main customers.(20160719)

2. Previous Functions:
Country Director for Danish De-mining Group (DDG)
UN Mine Action Center as Regional Coordinator for the Western Region (1996 – 2000).  
Executive Director of the Organization for Social Development and Legal Rights (OSDLR)(2012)
Afghanistan's Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC) spokesman (20120611)
Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC) Head (20131028)
Judge Hayatullah Hayat is a Prosecutor in the Attorney General's Office and the President of the Afghan Prosecutor's Association APA President (20080618),
Provincial Governor Maidan Wardak (20150609, 20160130)
Provincial Governor Helmand (20160407-20180514)
Provincial Governor Nangahar (20180514)

3. Biodata:
Hayatullah Hayat lives in Kabul. Hayat belongs to Wazir Tattang area of Khogyani district. Hayat, a Pashtun, was born in 1974 in Khogyani district of Nangarhar. He holds a MBA in General Management from Preston University Islamabad, a BA in English from Peshawar University, and a BA in Political Science in Progress from Ariana University, Nangarhar. He works in Kabul as the Executive Director of the Organization for Social Development and Legal Rights (OSDLR) and Speaker of the Civil Society Coordination Center (CSCC). In the past he has worked as Country Director for Danish De-mining Group (DDG) and with the UN Mine Action Center as Regional Coordinator for the Western Region. He is working under the CSCC umbrella and has presented at several international conferences in India, Thailand, Pakistan, and at the 2006 London Conference in the UK. At the London Afghanistan Conference in December 2014, Hayatullah Hayat, as a member of the secretariat of the civil society joint working group, said pledges from both the international community and the Afghan government were promising. “But what we are emphasising is that we want these commitments to be in practice … we want the government, as soon as we go back, to put into practice all these things and we want the international community to support them,” said Hayat.(20141204)


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