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Dawran, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Masoomi Masoomy

Name Dawran, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Masoomi Masoomy
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan National Army Air Corps Commander (ANA Air Corps) ANA
History and Biodata

1. Former Commanders of ANAAC Afghan Air Corps Afghan Air Force Airforce:
Dawran_Gen-Maj_MohammedLt. Gen. Mohammed Dawran Masoomy (20090729),

Officers of ANAAC:
Cief of Staff: Gen Abdul Wahab Wardak (20110406) Maj. Gen. Abdul Wahab Wardak, AAF Commander; MajGen Abdul Wahab Wardak Commander of the Military Airport Kabul (20140704)
Afghan Air Corps, Commander Kandahar Air Wing: Maj. Gen. Abdul Raziq Sherzai, (20091122, 20110629),
Kabul Air Wing:  Brigadier General Mohammad Barat (20091122),

The ANAAC now (2009) operates from Kabul, Gardez, Jalabad, Herat and Kandahar airfields. The ANAAC is to be a total of 7,400 personnel and 126 aircraft. There will be 5 wings established until 2015.
1st Wing (Kabul military part of Kabul International Airport); 2nd Wing (Kandahar Airport Military Part); 3rd Wing (Shindand Airport); (20140704)

ANAAC Headquarters – Kabul , Major General Mohammad Dawran Kabul Air Corps Training Center(KACTC) - Kabul Opened April 2008. Classes in Aviation English, Basic Fire Fighter, Air Corps Orientation, Introduction to Computers, Basic, Maintenance. Mi-17 Crew Chief, Literacy Course, Logistics Course, Aerial Gunner, Fire Officer. VIP Transport Detachment - Kabul, equipped with 3 transport helicopters.

Kabul Air Wing - Brigadier General Mohammad Barat (20091122), Kabul International Airport (KIAP). The ANAAC KIAP North Cantonment, opening in April 2008, will house the ANAAC headquarters and serve as a home base for up to 46 aircraft and 3,754 personnel. Joint Aviation Facility (JAF 1) is a state-of-the-art maintained base operations, flight planning, and training facility. MEDEVAC flights are being conducted Kabul Air Wing - 3,700 personnel supporting 201st Corps and the Capital Division. Jalalabad Regional Support Squadron - Supporting the 201st Corps. Gardez Detachment – Supports RC- East, 203rd Corps Aircraft rotate in for 5 days at a time from Kabul Kandahar Wing - 2,500 personnel supporting the 205th Corps, Supports RC- South / 205th Corps. Facilities construction has begun. Eventually to house 2500 personnel. MEDEVAC flights are being conduced (2009). Shindand Regional Support Squadron – Supports RC – West, 207th Corps. Center for pilot training. Herat Detachment – Supports RC-West/207th Corps Mazar-e-Sharif Regional Support Squadron –Supports RC-North / 209th Corps Current status (July 2009) Personnel: 2700, including 301 pilots(190 actually fly), 300 maintenance personnel Rotary wing aircraft: 15x MI-17v5 transport 3 x MI-17DV VIP transport 9x MI-35 attack Fixed wing aircraft: 5x AN-32 transport 2 x AN-26 transport 2x L-39 Flying hours per month: 140, five fixed-wing transport flights per day. Operations for 2008: 6,754 sorties, 469,706 kilograms of cargo, 80,653 passengers

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