Afghan Biographies

Qari Abdul Rahim

Name Qari Abdul Rahim
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth
Function/Grade Taliban’s military leader Namak Aab district Takhar province
History and Biodata

3. Bioadata:
Qari Abdul Rahim is the Taliban’s military leader of Namak Aab district, Takhar province. He was arrested during an NDS special forces operation along with one other Taliban member. He and his colleague named Abdul Rahman were trying to provide weapons and explosives in order to plan terrorist attacks in Takhar province against security forces. He was given a task to transfer 50 RPG rockets to Taliban. (20171128) Qari Abdul Rahim lived in Peshawar, Shamshatu area of Pakistan, from where his network also was helping other terrorist networks in Kunduz, Badakhshan and parts of Baghlan province. Rahim’s cell is linked to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which has integrated with the Taliban in the Afghan north, runs training camps and directs suicide attacks, and is closely allied with al Qaeda. It is said that Qari Abdul Rahim was involved in the Christmas Day suicide attack in tDecember 2011 at a funeral in Taloqan that killed 20 Afghans, including Abdul Mutalib Baig, a member of parliament. In addition to killing Baig, Rahim’s cell was implicated in two other high-profile targeted killings: the assassination of the top Afghan police commander in the north, General Daud Daud, and his former Shura-e-Nazar deputy, Shah Jahan Noori, on May, 28 2011; and the murder of Kunduz Governor Mohammad Omar in Tahkar on Oct. 8, 2010.

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