Afghan Biographies

Wolasmal, Rokhan Eng

Name Wolasmal, Rokhan Eng
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Kandahar Mayor
History and Biodata

1. Former Kandahar Mayors:
Mohammad Mussa Zamary Usman (2005-2007)
Ghulam Haider Hamidi (killed 200602 - 20110727 )
Muhammad Nasim Naseem, Interim Mayor (20110813)
Qazi Mohammad Omar (20111024, 20150528)
Eng. Rokhan Walasmal, Rokhan Olasmal (20151000, 20160503, 20170411, 20180421)

Deputy Mayors:
Azizullah Yarmal (killed 20100419),
Noor Ahmad Nazari (killed 20101004),
Hajji Mohammad Nassim. (20110604)  Previous Functions: Head First sub-District Department, Kandahar City Municipality, (20101230) Interim Mayor (20110813)

Mohammad Nasim Rezaee (20140320) injured in a explosion at the Shah Agha mausoleum in Khakrez (20140321)
Director of Culture and Information Department:
Abdul Qadim Patyal (20120214)

2. Previous Functions Rokhan Walasmal:
Mayor Kandahar (20151000, 20160503, 20170411)

3. Biodata:
Eng. Rokhan Walasmal Wolasmal was appointed Mayor of Kandahar in October 2015. He has been awarded membership of the Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM). Zamari Sargand, said Walasmal became the first mayor in the history of Afghanistan to be honoured with GPM membership.Rokhan also possessed membership of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) and the  international Council for Local Environmenal Initiatives (ICLEI).(20170413)

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