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Nehan, Nargis Mrs

Name Nehan, Nargis Mrs
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1981
Function/Grade Minister of Mines and Petroleum (and Industries) acting
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Mines of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) (and Industries)
Muhammad Alam Razim Interim Government, Northern Alliance.
Mir Moh. Sediq (2004-2005)
Eng. Ibrahim Adil (200603).
Wahidullah Shahrani stepped down because of Presidential Election 2014 (20090103-20131000),
Mohammad Akbar Barakzai (20131028-20140930)
Mohammad Akbar Barakzai acting Minister (20141001)
acting Minister of Mines and Petroleum Mir Ahmad Jawid Sadat (20141209)
Daud Shah Saba (20150127-20160328 resigned)
Acting minister of Mines and Petroleum Mrs. Ghazal Habib Ghazal Habibyar Safi Ghezal Habib Yar Safi  (20160416, 20160505, 20160824)
Nomininated Mrs. Nargis Nehan ( 20170327, 20171204 rejected and acting 20180103)

Deputy Ministers of Mines:
Eng. Muhammad Akram Ghayasi Ghiasi (20100104)
Eng. Abdul Qudoos Hamidi (20100100, 20150514)
Mrs. Ghezal Habib Yar Safi Ghazal Habibyar-Safi (2016)
Deputy Minister for Financial and Administrative Affairs: Abdul Jamil Hares  Eng Abdul Jamil Haris (20140811)
Deputy Minister for Mine Affairs: Eng. Naseer Ahmand Durani (20140930)
Ibrahim Azhar, Deputy Minister of the MoMP (20150524)
Deputy Minister for Policy and Programs: Mir Ahmed Javid Sadat, Ahmad Jawed Sadat (20160824, 20170404)

Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP)
Shafiqullah Shahrani (20150202)
Speaker Spokesman Spokesperson Ministry of Mines and Industries:
Mohammad Rafee Sediq Mohammad Sediqi Rafi Sediq, former TOLO journalist  (20141005, 20150211)
Muhayuddin Noori (20160718)
Zabihullah Sarwari (20170420)

Abdul Qadeer Mutfi Abdul Qadir Mutfa (20180222, 20180507)
2. Previous Function:
Director General of the Treasury Department at the Ministry of Finance (20120609)
Vice Chancellor of Kabul University at the Administration and Finance Department 

Senior Administration and Finance Advisor to the Minister of Education

Senior Planning and Coordination Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education
Founder and Executive Director of EQUALITY for Peace and Democracy (EPD) (2010, 20140303)
volunteered as a short-term advisor to the Minister of Interior to assist the Ministry with the establishment of the Afghan Public Projection Force (APPF) as a state-owned enterprise
appointed as Minister of mines and petroleum (20170328)
Minister of Mines ( 20170327, 20171204 rejected and acting 20180103)

3. Biodata:
Mrs. Nargis Nehan Narges Nihan was born 1981 in Afghanistan and holds a master’s degree in Business Management and has received international training in the areas of leadership, result-based budgeting, gender budgeting, strategic planning, good governance, peace building and conflict resolution.

In 2007 she co authored a book with Ashraff Ghani Ahmadzai: The budget as a linchpin of the state: Lessons from Afghanistan.

Nehan is a member of the Civil Society Joint Working Group (CS-JWG), the Afghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability (ACTA), and the Supreme Council of the Central Bank of Afghanistan. She was the first female Member of Afghanistan Central Bank's Leadership.

President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has ordered the appointment of Nargis Nehan as the Minister of mines and petroleum.(20170328)
The Afghan lawmakers however did not cast confidence votes in favor of Nargis Nehan who was rejected as the minister of mines and petroleum after receiving 107 votes. Nargis Nihan, the nominee for the Ministry of Mines, was been rejected by MPs after not receiving enough votes. She received 107 confidence votes, 93 no-votes, and 15 abstentions were recorded. Nihan needed 113 confidence votes to secure the ministry of mines and petroleum.


She speaks Pashtu and English

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