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Mahmoud Qaderi

Name Mahmoud Qaderi
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan International Petroleum Chairman
History and Biodata

Afghan International Petroleum Chairman:
Mahmoud Qaderi (20150203)

Head office address:
Baraki Gulzar Market- Kabul- Afghanistan

0093 799 11 11 11
0093 799 11 11 16
3. Biodata Mahmoud Qaderi:
Mahmood Qaderi accused Ghazanfar Group (GG) of adulterating imported oil, and selling it in the market at a "lower price". He says, "GG imports refined oil under name of crude oil and sells it at a low price in the bazaar, as a result it escapes paying tax and creates unfair competition in the country."
Fahim Hashemi, head of Aro Oil Company backs Qaderi. He adds, "GG does not have the ability to refine crude oil ... (it) imports a type of oil called piramagone (naphtha), which has damaging side-effects for human health."(201300910)
Mahmoud Qaderi has accused the Defense Ministry of involvement in a conspiracy to exclude his company from the bid. "They made a pretense that the number plate of the car was a fake one despite our colleagues insistences that the vehicles and the drivers would remain in custody and that they had important documents with them," Mahmoud Qaderi said. "We came for bidding and the police wouldn't accept it." According to the Afghan International Petroleum executive, his company was determined to sign the contract for 215 million USD less than the winning companies. Ajmal Rahmani, Fahim Hashimi, Ismail Ghazanfer (GG) and Abdul Wase Faqiri were among the winners of the USD 900 million worth contracts. (20150203)

Afghanistan International Petroleum Ltd. is purely an afghan trading company registered with Afghan trade ministry providing full range of oil products to its clients all over Afghanistan. AIP Ltd. supply oil products on-time within client’s budget. Afghanistan International Petroleum was established by a team of professionals with a proven substantial track record in all aspects of oil trading and transportation with optimum concentration on services.



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