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Laghman PC 2014 certified results

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Laghman New PC members’ biographies- 2014:

The Laghman provincial Council (PC) has nine members out of which five have been selected for the second time in the April 5 elections.
Provincial Council head:

Mohammad Rafi,

Tawos Adil's vehicle (provicial council chief) hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in Mehtarlam City. A bodyguard of Mr. Adil lost his life in the explosion and nine others including the provincial council chief was wounded.(201608
Attiqullah Abdul Rahimzai (20190123)was wounded in an explosion in eastern Laghman province on Tuesday evening Oct 6, 2020.

Provincial Council deputy head: Ajmal Wafa, a gun battle erupted between Ajmal Wafa, the deputy head of the provincial council and Mohammad Yousuf Malangzoi a member of the council today.(20150505) Three people lost their lives and six others sustained injuries. Those killed included Ajmal Wafa’s brother, a guard and a civilians.

Those wounded included a brother of Mohammad Yousuf Malangzoi. The incident took place in the provincial council compound in Mehtarlam city. (20150505)
A four-year old enmity between current and former Provincial Council members has come to an end after the mediation of tribal elders in eastern Laghman province, an official said on Wednesday.

Four years back, when a vorbal clash trunned violent between Ajmal Wafa and Mohammad Yousuf Malangzoy left nine people had killed and five others wounded.(20190123)


Provincial Council secretary: Abdul Zahir Hussainkhel,

1. Mohammad Rafi Mamozai:
Son of former Jihadi Commander Mohammad Zaman Mamozai, Rafi is born in 1982 in the Patla Kala village of Mehtarlam Baba, the provincial capital.
He has his undergraduate degree in economics. His father is currently working as police chief of central Parwan province.
Contact No: 0782171200
2. Ajmal Wafa:
Ajmal Wafa is the son of Ali Akbar. He is born in 1362 in the Pashio village of Mehtarlam Baba.
Wafa has undergraduate degree in agriculture form Nangarhar University. He was provincial council member in the previous tenure as well.
Contact No: 0707030301
3. Atiqullah Abdul Rahimzai:
Son of Katoor Khan, Atiqullah Abdul Rahimzai is born in 1967 in the Qargayio district. He was a former Jihadi commander and fought against Russian.
He was provincial council member in the previous tenure. He made his way in the April 5 provincial council election s as well.
Earlier, he was district chief of Qargayio district in the former president Hamid Karzia first tenure and served tribal elder.
Contact No:  0700601339
4. Mohammad Yousuf Malangzoi:
Son of Malang, Mohammad Yousuf is the resident of Mehtarlam Baba. He is born in 1981. He studied up to 12th class and had private business before becoming provincial council member.
Contact No: 0770435900
5. Mohammad Tawas Adil:
Son of Mohammad Gharo, Adil is born in 1984 in Mehtarlam Baba. However, he flatly refused to share information about his educational qualification. Adil did not have any government job before becoming provincial council member.
Contact No: 0788929255
6. Haji Abdul Aziz:
Haji Abdul Aziz is the son of Gul Mohammad. He is born in 1969 in the Muslim village of Mehtarlam Baba.
Aziz is graduated from the Laghman Teacher Training Institute and headed his own business before succeeding in the provincial council election.
Contact 0780121302
7. Abdul Zahir Hussainkhel:
Son of Mohammad Tahir, Abdul Zahir Hussainkhel is born in 1968 in the Pashi village of Mehtarlam Baba. He studied up to 12th class in the Roshan High School. He has no political affiliation but his brother was former Jihadi commander.
8. Mrs. Razia Niazi:
Razia Niazi is the daughter of Sher Alam. She is born in 1989 in Mehtarlam Baba. She is graduated from the Law Faculty of Aryana University. She has no political affiliation. She served as provincial council member in the previous tenure as well.
Contact No: 070819827
9. Mrs. Bibi Khord Roya:
Daughter of Abdul Hadi, Roya is born in 1972 in Mehtarlam Baba. She studied up to 12th class.
She served as provincial council member in the previous tenure. Earlier, she was teacher in the Mustora High school. She has also no political affiliation.   
Contact No: 070776072

30 Tara Khel Myrhatm 6.879 8.85%
34 Mohammad Rafi Mmvzy 5.893 7.58%
19 Engineer Ajmal Wafa 5.175 6.66%
12 Haji Abdul Atiqulla 4.587 5.90%
52 Mohammad Yousuf 3.495 4.50%
20 Mohammad 2.792 3.59%
8 Haji Abdul Aziz 2.774 3.57%
53 ??? Bibi eats  1.831 2.36%
35 Razia Nyazi 919 1.118%
Abdul Aziz and Razia Niazi replaced Muhammad Zahir Hussainkhail and Breshna Safi.

Provincial Councils Election Final Results
Results By Elected Candidates
Results Status:Certified
October 25, 2014



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میرحاتم تره خیل




محمد رفیع مموزی




انجنیر اجمل وفا




الحاج عتیق الله عبدالرحیمزی




محمد یوسف




محمد طاووس




حاجی عبدالعزیر




بی بی خورد رویا




راضیه نیازٍۍ




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