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Siawash, Baktash Siavash

Name Siawash, Baktash Siavash
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1983
Function/Grade Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul
History and Biodata

Baktash Siawash
Phone: 0700667701

2. Previous Functions:
Radio and TV Journalist

3. Biodata:
siawash_baktashBakhtash Seyawash Syawash Siawash Syawosh was born in Ezatkhel Village, Kohistan District, Kapisa Province in 1983. He graduated from Abdul Hadi Dawi School 2004. He then went to the United Kingdom to study Political Science at the London School of Economics. He has also studied conflict reporting, in which he earned a specialist degree in 2008, and has undertaken online courses in journalism provided by institutions in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

He began his career as a journalist in 2002, contributing to a publication called Nawnehalan while he was still in school. He later served as reporter, editor, and then managing editor of Armaghan-e-Meli. He also worked for Tolo-e-Afghanistan and Watandar newspapers. Siawash’s family owns a newspaper, to which he has regularly contributed articles.

Now he is living in Kabul City. He is known as an anchor of TOLO TV. Baktash Siawash, has been an intellectual Afghan journalist and blogger, alongside his writings and blogs, has been TV announcer for Tolo TV, presented programs like Explore), Election 88 and many others. Siawash is an intellectual Afghan journalist and blogger. He has been a triumphant journalist, but all of a sudden, he determined that reporting was not the only work he is to do his entire life. Hence, he stood to nominate himself in the parliament and he finally grabbed a seat in Wolesi Jirga 2010.

He told Wolesi Jirga he had received information that the president (Karzai) might announce an emergency situation in the country, without consulting parliamentarians.(20110807)

Baktash Siawash, the young, outspoken, anti-Karzai Kabul MP, does not keep armed guards because he believes that being close to weapons distances him from the public. (20110813)

Bakhtash is close to Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

Commission (2012): Legislative Affairs

Baktash Siawash decided to go on hunger strike from 20120910 against media censorship and lack of permission to reporters inside the Lower House of Parliament.


Kabul MP Baktash Seyawash, who has been absent since June 2015 as a sign of protest against President Ghani’s extension of the current parliament’s term wants to come back. Two other MPs have been boycotting plenary sessions for the same reason – Farkhunda Zahra Naderi and Ramazan Bashardost. While there has been no word from Naderi since June 2015, Bashardost, who said on 10 June 2015 that, “people say MPs traded with the government leaders on extending the Parliament term in exchange for collecting votes in their favour in the second round of presidential elections,” came back to the house a month ago. Seyawash has also expressed an interest in re-joining the Wolesi Jirga (possibly because of the lack of a realistic date for the end of this parliament and new elections). He has now said he will continue his boycott until the Administrative Board officially asks him to return.(20160531)


He speaks English, Dari, Pashtu and a little Urdu.

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