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Presidential Election 2014

Name Presidential Election 2014
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Function/Grade Existing and potential electoral alliances
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Presidential Election 2014 Existing and potential electoral alliances:
1. Karzai Camp
2. Opposition Camp
3. Eastern lAliance
4. Pashtun Technocrats
5. Rights and Justice Party (Hanif Atmar)
6. Afghan Millat (Sherzad, Ahady)
7. Association of National Amity of Afghanistan (MP Ishaq Gailani)


Background Details:


  • the 'Karzai network' (the Karzai family and local allies in “Greater Kandahar”)
  • some remnants of Hezb-e Islami-ye Afghanistan (Khales) and the 1992–96 Eastern Shura (Din Muhammad, former governor of Nangrahar and Kabul and head of the 2009 Karzai electoral campaign)


  • Hezb-e Islami-ye Afghanistan (led by Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, minister of economy)
  • Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami (Abdul Karim Khalili, second vice president)**
  • National Islamic Front of Afghanistan (Pir Sayed Ahmad Gailani)
  • Afghanistan National Liberation Front (Sebghatullah Mojaddedi, former interim president and senate chairman)
  • Hezb-e Ensejam-e Melli (Najibullah Sadeq Modaber, head of the Office for Administrative Affairs)
  • Harakat-e Inqilab-e Islami (faction led by Musa Hotak) – with faction Hezb-e Saadat-e Melli wa Islami (led by Maulawi Muhammad Osman Salekzada)
  • 'election delayers': several groups of MPs, tribal leaders, shuras and youth groups that campaign for a delay of the election perceived to be in the president’s camp mainly.


Electoral Union (sometimes “Alliance”) of Afghanistan (EUA)

       o   National Front of Afghanistan (Zia Massud, also deputy leader of Jamiat)

                    § Jamiat-e Islami (Salahuddin Rabbani; also belong First Vice President Qasim Fahim, Minister for Water and Power Ismail Khan and Balkh governor Atta Muhammad Nur)

                    § Jombesh-e Melli Islami (Abdul Rashid Dostum)

                    § Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami-ye Mardom-e Afghanistan (Muhammad Mohaqqeq)

      o   National Coalition of Afghanistan

                    §  Dr Abdullah’s party (formerly “Hope and Change”)

                    §  Hezb-e Afghanistan-e Newin (Yunos Qanuni)

                    §  Nohzat-e Melli (Ahmad Wali Massud)

                    §  Hezb-e Muttahed-e Melli (Nur-ul-Haq Ulumi, former PDPA general)

                    §  Hezb-e Eqtedar-e Melli (Sayed Ali Kazemi, brother of slain MP Mustafa Kazemi)

                    §  National Unity Movement of Afghanistan (Humayun Asef, brother-in-law of ex-king)

                    §  Hezb-e Mardom-e Muslimin (Hafiz Mansur, MP)

                    §  Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami-ye Melli (Muhammad Akbari)

                    §  Hezb-e Wahdat-e Islami Millat-e Afghanistan (Qurban Ali Urfani)

                    §  Jabha-ye Salah wa Falah-e-Afghanistan (Ahmad Shah Zadran)

       o   Green Trend (Amrullah Saleh, ex-NDS chief)

       o   Council of the Arab Tribes of Afghanistan (Mulla Ezzat, MP)

       o   smaller, otherwise unaffiliated parties

                     §  Hezb-e Haqiqat (Shah Wali Karimzai, not clear whether NCA or only EUA member)

3. T
he “Eastern Alliance” (Gul Agha Sherzai, Mir Wais Yasini, senate chairman Fazl Hadi Muslimyar and others)


(still undecided but trending towards the Karzai camp)

The so-called “doctors without borders” (high-profile individuals, no party affiliation)

  • Ashraf Ghani (head of the Transition Board, reportedly supported by some small democratic and ex-leftist groups)
  • Ali Ahmad Jalali, former minister of interior
  • Omar Zakhilwal, minister of finance
  • Faruq Wardak, minister of education
  • Zalmai Khalilzad, former US ambassador to Afghanistan and the UN
  • Qayum Karzai, a brother of the President and former MP
  • Jailani Popal, former head of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (seems to be in the presidential camp already)

5. Rights and Justice Party (Hanif Atmar)

6. Afghan Millat (led by Stana Gul Sherzad; former leader Anwar-ul-Haq Ahady, minister of commerce)

7. Association of National Amity of Afghanistan (also: Association of National Compromise of Afghanistan, led by MP Ishaq Gailani)***

  • National Solidarity Movement (his own party)
  • Hezb-e Resalat-e Mardomi Afghanistan (led by Noor Agha)
  • Hezb-e Afghanistani Wahed (Wasel Rahimi)
  • Hezb-e Arman-e Mardom-e Afghanistan
  • Hezb-e Azadi wa Masawat-e Afghanistan
  • Hezb-e Democracy Afghanistan
  • Hezb-e Jumbish-e Democracy Afghanistan
  • Hezb-e Adalat wa Refa
  • Hezb-e Harakat-e Melli Islami Afghanistan
  • Hezb-e Nahzat-e Hakemyat-e Mardomi Afghanistan



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