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Sadat, Sahira Shakib Mrs.

Name Sadat, Sahira Shakib Mrs.
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade District Chief Faizabad District Jawzjan province
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Ghulam Sarwar Shaeed High School teacher (1985)
Activist of the Junbish-i- Mili party
Department of foreign affairs in Mazar-i-Sharif,
Consultant in the parliamentary affairs ministry,

Wolesi Jirga Candidate in 2010,

District Chief Aqcha district Jowzjan Province (20130122)
District Chief Khwaja Do-Koh Jawzjan Province (20130826)
District Chief Faizabad District Jowzjan Province (20150323)

3. Biodata:
Sadat ShekibMrs. Sahira Shakib Sadat Saira Shekib Sadat Sayera Shakib Sadat Mrs. Sayra Shakib Sadat was born 1967 in Jowzjan Province. She received education at the Khadija High School in Jawzjan and finished her 14th degree in Jawzjan province in literature and language faculty. She· briefly serving as a teacher at the Ghulam Sarwar Shaheed High School. She is also an activist of the Junbish-i- Mili party, led by Abdur Rashid Dostum. Sadat, who lost her husband 11 year ago in a fight against the Taliban, has served as chairperson of the party women’s wing for three years.

In the past regime, she has been jobless for more than 5 years. After this period, she has started working in Afghan Foreign Ministry (MoFA) and the Ministry of State for Parliamentarian Affairs. Once she had nominated herself to the 2010 parliamentarian election, but due to some problems she failed.· Sadat has more than 28 years of experiences in admin related tasks.

As the first-ever woman district chief in Afghanistan on 20130122 she assumed her office in the Aqcha district (Khwaja Du Koh Khwaja Dokoh) of northern Jawzjan province. The only woman among 10 candidates for the job, she was selected on open merit.

She is the mother of 5 kids.

She speaks Uzbek, Dari and little English.

Habiba Surabi of Bamyan is the only woman governor, with Roshna Khalid acting as spokesperson for the Parwan governor. Similarly, Ozra Jafari is also the only female mayor of Daikundi and Maria Bashir the prosecutor of Herat.

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