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Right and Justice Party Hezb-e Haq wa Edalat

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Right and Justice Party· (Hizb-e Haq wa Edelaat) Truth and Justice Party held its founding conference in Kabul Nov. 1st and 2nd, 2011. In April 2012 shall· a full congress be organized to launch the party. So the next six month the Party will be lead by a 53-members temporary central council. (shura-ye markazi).

Names of affiliates with the new Party:

Four spokesmen:
1. Abbas Noyan (Hazara),
2. Hamidullah Faruqi Hamid Farooqi (Pashtun), Ex-Minister of Economy (20120904)
3. Assadullah Walwalji (Uzbek) Intellectual and known for his almost stubborn opposition to Dostum,
4. Shujauddin Khorassani (Tajik), a university professor of economics.·Abdul Hadi Khaled, Ex-Deputy Minister of Interior,

Other names linked with the Party:
Ahmad Saidi, Herat Political Analyst,
Suleiman Kakar, Ex-Deputy Minister of Education,
Dr Abdul Kabir Ranjbar, Ex-Member of Wolesi Jirga 2005, Meshrano Jirga Member 2010
Mawlawi Jalaluddin Shinwari, Ex-Taliban Deputy Minister of Justic,
Mrs. Aziza Rafat, Azita Rafat, Ex-Wolesi Jirga Member from Baghlan Province,
Shahima Alamsorush, Takhar Province
Moin Marastyal, Ex-Meshrano Jirga Member, Senior Member of Karzais Campain team in 2009,
Khodainazar Sarmachar, Ex-Wolesi Jirga Member 2005, Ex-Governor Nimroz,
Ehsan Zia, Ex-Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development,
Dr. Daud Muradian, former Adviser of Dr. Rangin Dadfar-Spanta, when he was the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

It is rumored, that western countries funded the launch of the new party to later act as in between of the elements supporting the ruling Karzai set up and the opposition. Ex-Minister of Interior, Hanif Atmar, the chairman of the National Security Council (NSC) Dadfar-Spanta are rumored to have substantially supported the making of the new party as well as Sima Samar, the Chairperson of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC).

Members of interim council of Right and Justice Party of Afghanistan:

  1. 1. Sheikh Ali Fukkur
  1. 2. Azita Raf’at

3. Maulana Jalaluddin Shinwari

4. Fatema Hufyani

  1. 5. Sharifa Zurmatai

6. Kobra Dehqan

7. (Pohanmal) Mu’in Mrastyal

8. Eid Muhammad Arefi

  1. 9. Abdul Ahad

10.  Eng. Najjaf Ali Khudayar

11.  Sakhidad Ebrar

12.  Muhammad Sulaiman Kakar

13.  Eng. Muhammad Salim Qayyum

14.  Ahmad Jawed Qazizada

15.  Ghulam Hossain Reza’i

16.  Dr Frahmand

17.  Amir Fuladi

18.  Eng. Assadullah Falah

19.  Eng. Khial Shah

20.  Dr Muhammad Alam Zirak

21.  Muhammad Hassan Talwar

22.  Sayyed Abdullah Gharib Shah

23.  Wakil Ghazi Waziri

24.  Haji Gul Ahmad

25.  Muhammad Amin Omarkhel

26.  Muhammad Yunos Fukkur

27.  Prof. Shujauddin Khorassani

28.  Ahmad Sa’idi

29.  Abdul Karim Bahman

30.  (Pohanmal) Sayyed Abdul Ghaffur Ghaffuri

31.  Abdul Wahed Ahadpur

32.  (Pohanmal) Habibullah Shafaq

33.  Dr Mu’in Gul Chamkanai

34.  Wakil Zarin Zarin

35.  Nasrullah Qazizada

36.  (Pohandui) Ali Hossain Nadam

37.  Eng. Eshaq Ali Zirak

38.  Ra’is Abdullah Anwari

39.  Asef Ashna

40.  Sardar Muhammad Roshan

41.  Dr Kabir Ranjbar

42.  Mir Ahmad Joyenda

43.  (Prof.) Hamidullah Faruqi

44.  Muhammad Alem Kohkan

45.  Assadullah Walwalji

46.  (Prof.) Ezzatullah Hamed

47.  Khudainazar Sarmachar

48.  Muhammad Ehsan Zia

49.  Eng. Hakim

50.  Muhammad Hanif Atmar, Party Head (20120509)

51.  Eng. Abbas Noyan

52.  Assadullah Munalai

53.  Saifuddin Nezami

54.  Ahmad Fahim Hakim, as Advisor to the Party on Human Rights

55.  Dr Azam Dadfar, as Advisor to the Party on the Fight against Administrative Corruption

56.  Dr Sima Samar, as Advisor to the Party on Human Rights

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Established 2011-11-03