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Sholgara District Balkh Province

Name Sholgara District Balkh Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Sholgar District Chief:
Sayed Niamatullah Masab (20110613, 20110704)
Ibrahim Khan (2012)
Maulvi Sirajuddin Abid (20130426)
District Police Chief:
Khanjar Tufan (2012)
Bismillah Muslimyar Bismillah Khan was killed and his two guards were wounded, while his vehicle hit a road side mine in the district (20160601)

Sayed Aref Iqbali along with his three guards were wounded following Taliban ambush in relevant areas of Chamtal district, Balkh province. (20180722)

Shulgara district (pop:106 000) in the southern part of Balkh Province, Afghanistan. It is located at a crossroads between several districts, just south of Mazari Sharif (Mazar). It is commonly said that "who holds Sholgara, holds Mazar".The demography is 40% Tajik, 20 % Pashtun, 20% Hazara and 20% Uzbek. Pashtuns and Hazaras came 80 years ago to this district from Kandahar, Farah and Uruzgan.
Two individuals who ran private jails are Agha Mohammad and Nazar Gul in Sholgar district and also weapons were being distributed to their illegal armed groups. (20160623)

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