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Zaman, Khan

Name Zaman, Khan
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Chief IDP Camp Baghi Shirkat Kunduz Province
History and Biodata

Chief of the IDP Camp Baghi Shirkat Bagh-e Shirkat Kunduz Province:
Khan Zaman (20100216),

More than 800 families (5.000 people) have been living in the camp from 2002 to 2010. Protracted IDPs in Bagh-e-Shirkat area of Kunduz. 171 Gujor IDP families (855 individuals), part of a group of 277 Gujor families displaced in 2001/2002 from Farkhar district of Takhar province and unable to return because of security issues. Protracted IDPs in villages around Kunduz city. 24 Pashtun families (120 individuals) displaced in 2001 from Bolak Jalyer village in Bangi district of Takhar province, unable to return because of security concerns. More Background: From Gorteepa, a Pashtoon village in Dashti Archi district of Kunduz province, with a small Uzbek minority the entire Pashtun population of the village was 1997 displaced due to fighting in the district, and many spent several years in Baghi Shirkhat IDP camp. While they were displaced, Uzbeks from the neighboring villages who did not have land moved in and started to cultivate the vacant farmland. When an average number of 60-70 families returned 2002 to the village, and were only able to get some of the harvest but the bulk of the dispute is still ongoing.

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