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Sirat, Abdul Satar Prof. Dr. Sattar

Name Sirat, Abdul Satar Prof. Dr. Sattar
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1937
Function/Grade Ex-Minister
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Professor, Vicepresident and President Dean of Faculty Sharia School at Kabul University (1960-1969),
Minister of Justice, Chief Justice and special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Afghanistan (1969-1973),
Teacher at University of Umm ul Qura Makkah (1975-2002)
Member of the Muslim World League since 1976
President of Council of Reconciliation and National Unity; Movement of National Unity of Afghanistan and Islamic Educational Society of Afghans (IESA) or Mualim (a religious organization of scholars in California)

3. Biodata
Sirat_SattarProfessor Doctor Abdul Satar Sirat was born in 15. Oct 1937 in the province of Samangan. He is a brother in law to Younis Qanooni. Bachelor's degree in Islamic Studies from Kabul University, completed under-graduate courses in Law at Columbia University, New York, PhD in Islamic Studies from Pacific Western University, California. Sirat is a Professor of Islamic Studies Umm Al-Qura University Makka, Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia since 1975. Abdul Satar Sirat is a very experienced Afghan politician. He was appointed as the Minister of Justice of Afghanistan until King Zahir Shah was deposed in 1973. During the Soviet war, Sirat spent a lot of time teaching abroad. In 1990, then he was sent by Shah to Saudi Arabia and Islamabad, Pakistan for discussions on how to end the Afghan conflict. In 2000, Sirat lived in Jedda, Saudi Arabia and taught Islamic Studies at the King Abdulaziz University. During the Bonn talks in 2001, Sirat was a representative of the Rome Group (former king Mohammad Zahir's supporters). Sirat initially won 11 votes to Karzai's three, to lead an interim government, however, he was asked to step aside in favor of Hamid Karzai because of his ethnicity.

Sirat is an Tajik and Karzai is a Pashtun. In October 2004, Sirat ran for president with his Vice presidents Qazi Mohammed Amin Waqad and Abdul Qadir Amini, challenging Hamid Karzai, however, he received less than 1% of the votes. During the Soviet war, Sirat spent a lot of time teaching abroad. Abdul Satar Sirat held various ministerial positions in the early 1970s. Abdul Sattar Sirat lives now in San Diego , CA. USA.


Dr Satar Sirat called for the formation of a transitional government to help the country safely pass through its current crisis. Sirat said that the political system in Afghanistan has been built on the basis of discordance and the direct interference of foreign countries since the Bonn Conference in 2001. (20130604) He proposed an interim government be installed if the final results from the April 5 vote are feared causing  political differences. Abdul Sattar Sirat told reporters in Kabul the global community had been assisting the Afghan government over the past 13 years but the President Karzai’s administration had failed to effectively utilise the aid. Responding to a volley of questions, he said if the situation after the release of the final results led to a political crisis, “then we need to install an interim government to ameliorate things.” He, however, said if the new government was established in a transparent way, it would help avoid instability.
He expressed his willingness to serve in the next government if it had different policies and approach from the incumbent. Coming hard on the High Peace Council (HPC), he said only impartial individuals could make peace with the rebels.(2014020)

Gen. Dostum has said the prominent political parties and figures like Abdul Satar Sirat should also be included in the peace process, emphasizing that Sirat is a prominent trusted personality on international level and has a special place among the Afghans.(20181112)

International Press said that the Taliban pressed for an interim government which would be led by Abdul Sattar Sirat, an Islamic scholar who served as justice minister under King Zahir Shah.(20181119)

Sirat speaks Dari and English

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