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Jahid, Taj Mohammad MajGen

Name Jahid, Taj Mohammad MajGen
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade Commander 207th Corps ZAFAR ANA Herat
History and Biodata

1. Former Commander 207th Corps "ZAFAR" (Victory) Herat:
Lt. Gen. Walizadah (200502),
Maj. Gen. Jalandar Shah Behnam (2007, 20080526),
Maj. Gen. Fazal Ahmad Sayar (20091012) killed in a helicopter crash.
Maj. Gen. Jalandar Shah Behnam (20090000 - 20100900 )
Maj. Gen. Dauranshah Shahzada (201010 - 20110000 )
Maj. Gen. Taj Mohammad Jahid (20121004, 20130914, 20150212 - )

207th Corps 4th Commando Kandak
graduated 20080508, Commander is Col. Zainuddin (20100408)

Deputy Commander of the 207th Zafar Military Corps,
Gen. Khair Mohammad Khawri (20091028),
General Alijan Sarwai (20100317)

Chief of Staff of the 207th Corps in Herat
Gen. Maj. Fazil Ahmad Sayar
Brigadier General Ali Jan Sanware, (20081211),
Gen. Mohiuddin Ghori, 20110115)

Other Officers:
General Mohammad Akram (20110318)

Background: 207th Corps in Herat,
with 1st Brigade at Herat, 2nd Brigade at Farah, and elements at Shindand (including commandos). In Herat City is: HQ 207th Corps,
1st Brigade 207th Corps with 5 Kandaks (Bataillons),
Garrison HQ. 3rd Kandak, 1st Brigade of the 207th Corps
Kandak Commander, Colonel Niamatullah (20090110),

In Farah Province is 2nd Brigade of the 207th Corps: in Qafar Qala area (20100419) is the Syad camp base of the 207 corps of the Afghan National Army,

The corps is supported by the Herat Regional Support Squadron of the ANAAC, equipped with 8 helicopters: 4 transport to support the Corps' commando battalion, 2 attack, and two medical transport.

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