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Sangin, Eng. Amirzai Sangeen

Name Sangin, Eng. Amirzai Sangeen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1949
Function/Grade ex Minister
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions
Swedish Committee in Afghanistan
Swedish Telecom
Senior Adviser to the Acting Minister of Communication and Information Technology MCIT
Acting Minister,
Eng. Amirzai Sangeen nominated again 20120215
Eng. Amirzai Sangeen Minister of Communication and Information Technology (20120305-20140930)
Eng. Amirzai Sangeen Acting Minister of Communication and Information Technology (20141001)

3. Biodata:
SanginAmirzai Sangeen Amir Zai, son of Amir Gul Shah Khail, was born 06. June 1949 in the Urgun District of Paktika Province. He completed his primary education in Urgoon and secondary education in Gardez and graduated from the Communication Training Center. In 1972, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications from Southern London University of the UK.

He started his professional career as a teacher in the Communication Training Center and from 1978 to 1980 and later served as the director of that center. In 1980, he migrated to Sweden. He became one of the founding members of Swedish Committee in Afghanistan. He actively participated in the development of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. In 1982 he joined Swedish Telecom. He worked with King Khaled International Airport in Saudi Arabia as the communications project team member from 1982 to 1985.

For the next five years, up to 1990, he was involved in the design, development and implementation of mobile networks in Sweden. A founding member of Swedish Telecom International, now called Telia International, Sangin took part as a leading team member in international bids during 1990-2000, winning 8 GSM licenses in Estonia, Lativia, Russia, Hungary, Italy, Namibia and India.

Amirzai Sangin returned soon after 9/11 . Initially he carried out training for AWCC and MOC engineers. He headed the evaluation committee for the GSM license in 2002 in Ministry of Communications In February 2003 he started his work as the Senior Advisor to the Minister of Communications. 

The Afghan parliament approved nominated ministers in the 20120305 session.

Amirzai Sangin winning 184 votes got the post of Communication and Technology Minister.

Amirzai Sangin, former minister of communications and information technology, will be trialled by anti-corruption court, a source in the Supreme Court said. The minister is accused of corruption and misuse of authority, said Jamshed Rasooli, a spokesman for Attorney General’s Office. He said that investigation of the official had been completed and that his dossier had been sent to the special court.(20190203)



He speaks Dari, Pashto, English and Swedish.

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