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Samangan PC 2009

Name Samangan PC 2009
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Final Certified Provincial Council Results:
Samangan 17-Dec-09 03:30 PM Vote Order Candidates Name Votes%
1 Dr. Ziauddin Zia Din (Shariati) 4625 4.0%, PC Head Chief; Samangan's governor Khairullah Anosh on 20130209 said Dr Zia misused his position in connection with some issues in the province, saying he beat two local government staff. The head of Samangan's Public Works Department Engineer Zia, who goes by one name, claims he was beaten by the head of the provincial council. Dr Zia denies the report.(20130209)

2 (Municipality) Haji Abd Alqyvm 4379 3.8%
3 Mohammad Asif Azimi 4,372 3.8%, elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010
4 Sayed Agha Hossein (Hashemi) 3916 3.4%, elected into Meshrano Jirga 2010
5 Mohammad (Bygzadh) Instead, the Big 3463 3.0%
6 Ahmad Ali Shah IOU 3420 2.9%
7 Dr M. Hassani 2397 2.1%
8 Saadat (Hamid) 2209 1.9%
9 Hanifa Amin Pur Aminpor Aminpur  1671 1.4%, in Samangan a number of armed men threw a hand grenade into the residence of the deputy provincial council head, Hanifa Aminpur. Aminpur survived the assassination attempt.(20120911)

Biographies of Samangan Provincial Council Members

The provincial council of northern Samangan has nine members including three women.
1 – Dr. Ziauddin Zia:
Dr. Ziauddin Zia is the son of Gulbadin. He lives in Aibak, the capitl city of Samangan. Acting as head of provincial council, Zia has political affiliation with the Jamiat-i-Islami party.
2 – Mrs. Hanifa Amin Poor:
Daughter of Mohammad Salih, Hanifa Amin Poor 44 lives in Aibak city of Samangan province. Being a deputy of the provincial council, she holds bachelor degree in political science. Earlier, she served as head in the women affairs department. She has no political affiliation.
3 – Mohammad Hussain Ziai:
Mohammad Hussain Ziai is the son of Sher Ahmad. He lives in the Roi Doab district of northern Samangan. Ziai 45 secured membership of the provincial council by securing 3,332 votes.
He completed his high school education and served as secretary of the panel. Ziai studied political science at a private university. Earlier, he served as a teacher at Wali Aser seminary. He has affiliation with Wahdat-i-Islami party led by Mohammad Mohaqiq.
4 – Mohammad Ewaz Baik Baik Agholi:
Mohammad Ewaz Baik Baik Agholi is the son of Samarudin. He secured the provincial council seat by getting 3,462 votes. Agholi 23 is the student of political science faculty. He has political affiliation with Junbish-i-Millie Islami party.
5 – Mrs. Ustad Sadat Hamidi:
Daughter of Haji Abdul Hamid, Mrs. Ustad Sadat Hamidi lives in the capital city of Aibak. Hamidi 55 completed her teacher training college and got provincial council seat by securing 2, 227 votes. Previously, she served as a principal in a school. She has political affiliation with any political party.
6 – Abdul Qayyum:
Abdul Qayyum is the son of Haji Badal Nazar. Qayyum 66 secured the provincial council seat by getting 4, 800 votes. He privately received religious education and served as commander during the jihad against soviet. He has political affiliation with the Jamiat-i-Islami party.
7 – Ahmad Ali Shah Tamsaki:
Son of Haji Baba Shahzoy, Ahmad Ali Shah Tamsaki was born in Aibak city of northern Samangan in 1946. He got religious studies. Earlier, he served as district chief of Dar-i-Souf Balla district. He has poltical affiliation with the Hezbi Wahdat-i-Islami party led by Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq.
8 – Syed Abdul Alim:
Son of Syed Yousuf,  Syed Abdul Alim 52 secured 3, 700 votes to become the provincial council member. He completed his high school education. Earlier, he served as an employee at the department of agriculture, irrigation and livestock. He has no political affiliation.
9 – Mrs. Dr. Massoma Husaini:
Dr. Masoma Husaini is the daughter of Mohammad Sadiq. Husaini 23 lives in the capital city of Aibak. She made her way to the provincial council by security 2, 500 votes. She completed her high school and holds diploma in medical. Earlier, she worked in the provincial hospital. She has no links to any political party.

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