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Rahimi, Mohammad Asif resigned

Name Rahimi, Mohammad Asif resigned
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1959
Function/Grade Ex Provincial Governor Herat
History and Biodata

1. Former Governors:
Ismael Khan (2001 - 2004),
Sayed Mohammad Khairkhwa (20041202),
Gul Agha Sherzai, Shirzai (appointed for Governor, but refused 200506,
Sayyed Hosayn Anwari (200606),
Ahmad Yussef Nuristani, Nooristani,stepped down as a candidate for 2010 Wolesi Jirga Elections (20090118 - 20100824),
Dr. Daud Shah Saba (20100903 -20130703),
Sayed Fazal Ullah Wahidi, Waheedi (20130704-20141224) dismissed
acting Governor Herat Assiluddin Jami Asil Din Jami Asiluddin Jami  Aseeludin Jami (20110524, 20120401, 20141227, 20120212)
Mohammad Asif Rahimi (20150427) resigned (20181111)
Dr. Mohayuddin Noori acting (20190108) ?

Deputy Governor:
Assiluddin Jami Asil Din Jami Asiluddin Jami  Aseeludin Jami (20110524, 20120401, 20141227)

Governor spokesman:
Naqeeb Arween (20090119),
Mohammad Rafi Behrozyan (20101216)
Dr. Mahiudin Nuri Moheeuddin Noori Mohayuddin Noori (20110825, 20190108)
Ehsanullah Hayat (20150717, 20151208)
Jilani Farhad (20170517, 20171019)

Women’s Affairs Department:
Mahboba Jamshidi (20121008)

Provincial environment protection agency chief:
Abdul Qayum Afghan (20110912)

Head of the Provincial Transport Department of Herat:
Jawid Haimaq Ahmad Javed Aimaq survived an attempt on his life in the province 20110921.(20131110)

Provincial anti-narcotics Department Director:
Ghulam Jilani Daqiq (20100904, 20110519),

Provincial Director of Works and Social Affairs:
Basira Muhammadi (20101221)
Habibullah Timori Temori (20111214)

Qayoum Afghan, (201711269Head of Herat Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled department

Director of Watermanagement Department:
Habibullah Zarwan Zawran, fired due to corruption. Six month later has been appointed as inspection and corruption-control officer for the Eastern Zone at the Supreme Court. (20120219)
Fazil Ahmad Zakir (20110326)

Herat Provincial education director:
Ghulam Hazrat Tanha (20100915)
Basir Ahmad (20120703)
Abdur Raziq Ahmadi (20170129)
Deputy director of the education department:
Aziz Rahman Sarwari (20120424)
Official: Sultan Sabzawari (20120424)
Abdur Raziq Ahmadi (20170129, 20180922) Rohullah Azhad, holds two master’s degrees one in international relations (IR). (20180923)
Deputy director of the education department:
Aziz Rahman Sarwari (20120424)
Official: Sultan Sabzawari (20120424)
Abdul Razaq Ahmadi (Tajik) (20181210)
Director of Mines and Petroleum:
Engineer Abdul Jameel Ilyasi (20150111)

Provincial Chiefengineer for Railways:
Sayed Najib, born 1979) (20110406) 

Head of the attorney office:
Gul Ahmad Ramesh (20110912)

Provincial ANDMA Chief:
Abdul Hamid Mubariz (20111220)

Telecommunication and information technology director:
Syed Noor Ahmad Shah Alawi (20130110)
Head of the  Herat High Peace Council:
Maulvi Ghulam Sarwar (20130722)

Population Registration Department Head, Khawaja Hekmatullah Habibi - See more at:

Population Registration Department Head:
Khawaja Hekmatullah Habibi (20170621)
Director of Hajj and Religious Affairs:
Syed Abdul Wahid Asemi (20171105)
Syed Mohammad Sherzai (20180905)
Provincial detention centers’ general director:
Abdullah Azizi (20170122)

Background Herat Province:
Three groups are relevant in Herat: Iran supported Harakat-Islami including schia political parties, Jamiat linked to Ismael Khan (supported by Ex-Police Chief Adeel Juma) and a Karzai supporting Pashtun group led by influential senior Mawlawi Kodaidad.

2. Previous Functions Mohammad Asif Rahimi:
Manager CARE-USA Operations Afghanistan (198910-200102)
CARE-Canada Manager South Asia Area (20011-200503),
Head of National Solidarity Program NSP  (200503-200604),
Deputy Minister Rural Development and Rehabilitation MRRD (200604-200810)
Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (200810-201410)
Country Manager LAPIS Afghanistan, Moby Group (201503-201505)

Provincial Governor Herat (20150427-20181111 resigned)

3. Biodata
Rahimi_AsifMohammad Muhammad Asif Rahimi Mohammad Asef Rahimi, was born 1959 and raised in Paghman District, Kabul Province, Afghanistan. He holds a bachalor degree from Kabul University 1981 and has completed his post-graduate studies 1989 in Management of Development Programs from Omaha University in the US. He was educated in civil engineering at Kabul University and in public administration and management at Nebraska University in the United States.
Rahimi has worked extensively in the area of development and humanitarian relief both in Afghanistan and abroad. For over a decade he worked with CARE-USA as manager of CARE operations in Afghanistan. After he moved to Canada in 2001 Rahimi joined CARE-Canada as South Asia regional manager.

Returning to Afghanistan in early 2005, Rahimi joined the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) as the head of National Solidarity Program (NSP) -the flagship community development initiative of the government of Afghanistan.

Since April 2006 he has served as the Deputy Minister for Programs in MRRD, a profile in which he leads all of the ministry's national and regional initiatives in rural development, infrastructure, and economic regeneration. 

One cable from the U.S. mission in Kabul in early year 2008 noted that the agriculture minister, Asif Rahimi, "appears to be the only minister that was confirmed about whom no allegations of bribery exist."

He was appointed Provincial Governor Herat Apr 27, 2015.

People speak of Rahimi as a symbolic and ceremonial official with little influence. They also describe him with phrases like ‘overly conservative’ or ‘extremely cautious.’ He is mostly seen meeting foreigners and various groups of local government officials and people in his office, speaking at events and opening exhibitions. Like other non-Herati governors, Rahimi is not heavily involved in Herat’s political and economic dynamics. In November 2016, Rahimi himself even referred publicly to his lack of power in Herat. Acting in this rather constrained way has helped him do one main thing: maintain his office, albeit without being able to deliver much. Additionally, as a governor on generally good terms with the two NUG leaders, as well as with Ismail Khan, Rahimi represents a weak administration that is more involved in its own internal politicking than public service delivery.(20170111)

The Governor of Western Herat Province Mohammad Asif Rahimi has resigned from his post, a source said on Saturday, Nov 11, 2019.

According to the source, the president accepted the resignation of Rahimi who served as the governor of Herat from 2015 till this date.

Rahimi speaks Dari and English.

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