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Rahguzar, Muhammad Ishaq Ehsaq Alhaj

Name Rahguzar, Muhammad Ishaq Ehsaq Alhaj
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1966
Function/Grade Provincial Governor Balkh
History and Biodata

Alahaj Muhammad Ishaq Rahguzar
Phone: 0700511444


1. Former Governors of Balkh:
Mohammad Eshaq Rahgozar,
Ustad Atta Mohammad Noor (2004, 20171217)
Eng. Mohammad Dawood (20171218-20180312)
Alahaj Muhammad Ishaq Rahguzar (20180313, 20180322)

Deputy Governor:
Muhammad Zaher Wahdat Abdul Zahir Wahdat Mohammad Zahir Wahdat (20091119, 20110926, 2013117), survived a suicide attack unhurt in his armored vehicle (2013117, 20140807)
Hasib Quraishi  (20171221)
Bashir Tawhidi, deputy governor of the province and a close aide to Atta Noor )20180101)
Governor’s house chief of staff:
Qais Mehrain (20160115)

Spokesman for Balkh’s governor:
Munir Farhad Munir Ahmad Farhad (20110110, 20150905, 20171011, 20180516, 20200104)

Department of provincial Information and Culture Director:
Saleh Mohammad Khaliq (20111013)

Department of the Haj and Religious Affairs Head:
Mullah Abdul Hanan Hamed, acting head (20110413)

Balkh Provincial Counternarcotics Departmen Head:
Farid Mohammad Azizi Ajizi acting head (20110822)

Provincial Energy and Water Director:
Eng. Nasir (20110901)

Balkh Director of Refugee and Repatriation Affairs:
Abdul Saboor Qadri Saboor Qaderi (20120116, 20120905)

Agricultural Department Head:
Kabit Shams (20120209)

Department of Labor and Social Affairs Director:
Mrs. Gulalai Hotak (20130119) fined in graft case

Women affairs director:
Mrs. Fariba Majid (20080716, 20110417, 20130208) applied for asylum in Finland (20130208)
Mrs. Rabia Muradi (20131223)
Mrs. Shahla Hadid (20180407)

High Peace chief for Balkh:
Haji Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimkhel (20120713)
Department of Public Health:
Mirwais Rabi (2012, 20160417, 20170514)
Dr. Mairwais Rabee  Dr. Mirwais Rabea (20190508)
Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development:
Eng. Basit Aini (2012)
Department of Public Works:
Eng. Enayatullah (2012)
AIHRC Director:
Mrs. Fawzia Nawabi (20130413)
Director fuel and gas:
Arian Muradi (201802, 20180304)

2. Previous Functions:
Governor of Balkh Province in 2003
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Balkh
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Balkh reelected
Provincial Governor Balkh (20180313)

3. Biodata:
Rahguzar_IshaqHaji Mohammad Ishaq Rahgozar Rahguzar Rahquzar was born 1966 in Mazar-i-Sharif. Balkh Province. It is said, that he has an arab ethnic backgrund. Rahgozar has a master’s degree in Management from Tajikistan University in 2010.

During the Soviet Occupation he was a Commander.

Rahguzar, an ally of Ustad Atta's from the same Jamiat faction, was sacked as governor and replaced temporarily by the director of Balkh's state university, Habibullah. He bagged most votes in Wolesi Jirga Election 2005. Haji Eshaq Rahgozar was Dr. Abdullah’s campaign chair in the 2009 Presidential Elections in Balkh.

There are six Wolesi Jirga Members whose active membership in the parliament was to be put on hold for two month because absenteeism of 21 days. Lawmakers suspended are the following: Amanullah Guzar from Kabul, Farishta Anwari from Nimroz, Muhammad Ishaaq Rahguzar from Balkh, Ezatullah Atif from Kabul, Faridoon Momand from Nangarhar, and Alam Khan Azadi from Balkh.(20160531)

Mohammad Ishaq Rahguzar's nephew has been murdered in Balkh province.The 20-year-old victim, identified as Saifuddin, was travelling from Intizar township to Mazar-i-Sharif city when he was killed by armed unknown individuals in Police District 4 of the city on Tuesday evening May 15. 2018, said Munir Ahmad Farhad, spokesman for provincial governor.  The nephew of Balkh governor has allegedly been murdered by a girl in Mazar-e-Sharif city.The woman was arrested in connection with the incident. (20180516)


He is married and has four sons and three daughters.

Rahgozar speaks Dari and Russian.

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