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Rabani, Burhanuddin Rabbani Killed 20110911

Name Rabani, Burhanuddin Rabbani Killed 20110911
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1940
Function/Grade Ex Chairman HPC
History and Biodata

Chairman High Peace Council  Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani was killed in a suicide bombing executed by Esmatullah in his residence in Kabul on Tuesday evening (20110920)

1. Former Chairmen High Council for Peace and Reconcilliation:
Borhanuddin Rabbani (20101010 - 20110920 )

2. Previous Functions:
Head of Jamiat-i-Islamai (1972)
President of Afghanistan, Wolesi Jirga Member 2005,
Chairman High Council for Peace and Reconcilliation (20101010 -20110920 ),

3. Biodata:
rabbani_burhanuddinBurhanuddin Rabbani Borhanuddin - is the son of Mohammad Youssuf was born in 1940 in Yaftal village into a family of small landowners in Badakhshan, the Sufist-influenced Tajik province. After finishing school in his native province, he went to Darul-uloom-e-Sharia (Abu-Hanifa), a religious school in Kabul. When he graduated from Abu-Hanifa, he went to Kabul University to study Islamic Law and Theology. During his four years at Kabul University he became well known for his works on Islam. Soon after his graduation in 1963, he was hired as a Professor at Kabul University. He continued his studies in Ankara and graduated 1966 from the Al Azhar University in Cairo. He wrote widely and began a translation of the philosophy of Sayed Qotb, the ideologue of the Muslim brotherhood.

Rabbani returned to Afghanistan in 1968, where the High Council of Jamiat-e Islami gave him the duty of organizing the University students. In 1972, a 15-member council selected him as head of Jamiat-e Islami of Afghanistan, the founder of Jamiat-e Islami of Afghanistan, Ghulam M. Niyazi was also present. Jamiat-e Islami was primarily composed of Tajiks and Uzbeks.

When the Mujaheddin conquered Kabul he became the second president of Afghanistan. Massoud was the most famous Jamiat commander and he always placed the party leader in his shadow. When the Talebans were in power, however, Rabbani continued to be seen as the legitimate president by the international community.

Following the fall of the Talebans, he tried to be reconfirmed as president but Karzai’s star was rising and Rabbani had no choice but to ally himself with the new Afghan head of state. He continued to support Karzai in return for underhand political favours but they fell out over the nomination for president of the Parliament. The President's support for Sayaf during the speaker elections left several parliamentarians bitter and distrustful of the President's motives – and Rabbani in particular, who until very late in the process had been led to believe that he was Karzai's preferred candidate was particularly upset. Although he mainly blamed "forces around the President" of trying to manipulate the outcome of the elections, it is clear that he will now be harbouring a long-term grudge against President Karzai.

Rabbani further expressed great concern over the attempts to divide the Parliament along ethnic lines. Although he had initially envisaged himself the leader of a parliamentary majority, but later decided to settle for the leadership of one of several like-minded parliamentary political groups.

It is yet unclear how the merging of Qanooni's Afghanistan e Naween party and Rabbani's Jamiat e Islami will play out and whether this will lead to a political faction with a certain level of coherence.

Rabani has ten children. President Karzai appointed his two sons each Salahuddin Rabbani (eldest son) first secretary in Afghan UN mission New York and Jalaluddin Rabbani first secretary in Afghan embassy in Dubai. He was a Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Badakshan.

United National Front (Afghanistan) Leader:
Former President Burhanuddin Rabbani
Date Founded: March 13, 2007 Telephone: 93 30 2102924 Email:
Postal Address: Nadir Pashtoon Watt, Afghan Dubai Shopping Center, Third Floor, Kabul, Afghanistan

Jami'at-e Islami-ye Afghanistan (Islamic Society of Afghanistan)
Leader: Ustad Rabbani Postal Address: Kart-e Parwan, Phase 2, Near Badaam Bagh, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 070278950, 070280911

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