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Oghli, Sardar Mohammad Rahmanughli

Name Oghli, Sardar Mohammad Rahmanughli
Ethnic backgr. Turkmen
Date of birth 1961
Function/Grade Ex MP MNA
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Wolesi Jirga Member 2005 MP MNA Faryab

3. Biodata:
Aughli_SadarSardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli Aughli Aughali Sardar Muhammad Rahmanughli was born 1961 in Pashtun Kot District in Faryab Province. He is an Uzbek from a well-known family from Pashtun Kot district in Faryab. He studied at Balkh University and has a Master degree (media-related). He obtained his higher education at the Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute, Kabul Polytechnic, and also in Ukraine. He has worked as a lecturer at Balkh University, with the National Television and as the director of the commerce department in Balkh. He lived in Turkey for a while where he worked as the head of the Refugees Association and as director of the Turkish branch of Radio Azadi. He was an MNA in opposition to Karzai said in a public session of Wolesi Jirga, Karzai's next term was a blessing for smugglers, kidnappers, land mafia and violators of human rights (20091104). Oghli was the Deputy Speaker of Wolesi Jirga in the year 2007 and later he was a Member of the committee on health, youth, sport and labor.
Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli was a member of Dr. Abdullah's team in the presidential election 2014. Sardar Rahman Oghlo has been nominated by the CEO Dr. Abdullah as Economy Minister.(20150112) Wolesi Jirga gave vote of confidence to Nominee for the Ministry of Economy Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oghli rejected with 104 votes, 103 in favor, 27 blank, and nine invalid.(20150128)

He has dual citizenship Turk and Afghan.

He speaks Dari, Uzbek, English and Turkish.

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