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Najafi, Daud Ali Daoud

Name Najafi, Daud Ali Daoud
Ethnic backgr. Hazara
Date of birth 1968
Function/Grade ex Minister
History and Biodata

Daud Ali Najafi
Address: House No. 3, Mahtop,qala,Barchi,
Kabul E-mail: drdaoudnajafi(at) or najafiafg(at)
Tel: Mobile 0093 (0)700164512 (0)799547384

2. Previous Functions of Daud Ali Najafi:
Sehat Hospital for Afghan Refugees, Director, Quetta, Pakistan, (1996-1999)
Afghan lecture Afghan Lecturer and Teacher’s Association, Chairman, Quetta, Pakistan, (1999-2002)
Institute of Science for Afghan Refugees, Director, in Quetta, Pakistan (1999-2002)
Afghanistan Organization for development of Human Rights (AODHR) Kabul, Afghanistan, Founder and Director, (2001-2003)
UNAMA, Central Field Office, Kabul Afghanistan (20030202-2050704),
Spokesman, Independent Election Commission (IEC), Secretary Deputy of the IEC, Chief Electoral Officer (20051212 - 20100412), resigned 20100412.
Minister (Designate) of Transportation (20100626), no vote of confidence (yes 87, no 106, abstained 14, invalid 5),
Acting Minister of Transportation since 20100930.
Nominated Minister of Transportation (20120215)
Minister of Transport  and Civil Aviation (20120305 -20140930)
Acting Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation (20141001)

3. Biodata:
Najafi_DaudDaud Ali Najafi, son of Salman Ali was born 17 Feb. 1968 in Afghanistan. He left Afghanistan in the 80th for Pakistan, where he received most of his education as a refugee. He has a MBBS (Medical Science) from University of Balochestan in Pakistan and a MA Islamic Studies from university of Peshawar in Pakistan. He headed the secretariat of IEC for five years. Najafi has working experience with the United Nations.

The most controversial Candidate 2009 (no vote of confidence: yes 87, no 106, abstained 14, invalid was the designated minister of transport and aviation, Daud Ali Najafi, who oversaw Afghanistan's election commission during the flawed presidential elections 2009. Independent observers - and many lawmakers - accused Mr Najafi of helping orchestrate widespread fraud in favour of Mr Karzai at the time. Najafi has denied any involvement in fraud. (20100629)

On 20110811 Afghan Presidency's Complaints Office said that acting transport minister has been accused of bribery and fraud in presidential elections by two of his staff. Afghan Newspaper Mandegar Daily has obtained a leaked document from the President’s Office in which Daud Ali Najafi, the former secretary of the IEC Secretariat and current Acting Minister of Transport, has said: “I made Karzai president [in the 2009 presidential election] or Dr Abdullah would have been elected.” Najafi had also said: “President Karzai has told me several times that I have done such a favour to him by committing frauds that he would never be able to compensate.” (20110810) Najafi rejected the rigging and corruption allegations in a press conference (20110811).

The Afghan parliament approved nominated ministers in the 20120305 session.
Daoud Ali Najafi receiving 176 votes became the Transport and Aviation Minister.
Languages spoken: Farsi, Pashtu, Urdu, English

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