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Mohammadi, Bismillah Khan Muhammadi Bismellah Gen.

Name Mohammadi, Bismillah Khan Muhammadi Bismellah Gen.
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1961
Function/Grade Ex Minister
History and Biodata

1. Previous Minister of Defense
Mohammad Qasim Fahim (2004),
Abdurrahim Wardak (2005 - 20120804), fired by Wolesi Jirga, and resigned as acting Minister  (20120807)
Inayatullah Nazari acting (20120808)
Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi (20120915 -20140930) Acting Minister of Defense (20141001)
Enayatullah Nazari (20110605) acting Minister of Defense (20120808) and again 20141209 (20160418)
nominated Lt Gen Abdullah Khan Habibi (20160419) and approved by Wolesi Jirga (20160620) resigned (20170424)
Lt Gen Tariq Shah Bahrami (20170426-20180825 resigned)
Assadullah Khaild (20181224, 20201121, 20210618)
Lt Gen Bismillah Mohammadi (20210619)
Deputy Minister of Defense:
Shah Mahmood Miakhel First Deputy Ministry of National Defense (20200713, 20200923, 20210227)
Lt Gen Murad Ali Murad fired (20180522) Successor: Head of the security guards of the presidential palace Akhtar Ibrahimi (20180522)
Brig. Gen Mohammad Humayun Fauzi, son of Hyatullah, from Faryab Province , Deputy
Minister, Personnel and Standby Officers Sphere (20030921),  Deputy Minister of Defense (2010)
First Deputy Minister: Enayatullah Nazari (20110605) acting Minister of Defense (20120808)
Lt Gen Mohammad Akram, Pashtun, Deputy Command General Chief of Staff  (20100211, 20150115)
Deputy defence minister for personnel and training: Baz Mohammad Johari Baz Mohammad Jawhari, (20130106, 20150118)
First deputy to the ministry: Lt Gen Abdul Khaliq, son of Muhammad Sarwar (20150525)
Deputy Minister of Defence: Gen Muhebullah Muheb (2005, 20130116)
Deputy Minister of Defence: LtGen Hilaluddin Helal (20181028)
Deputy Minister of Defense:
Dr. Yasin Zia Dr. Yaseen Zia Zia Yasin (20190313, 20190424)
Deputy Minister of Defense: LTG Iqbal Ali Naderi (20190627)

MoD Policy Deputy: Ahamd Tamim Asey, (20180325)
Deputy of the Commander-in-Chief to the Office of National Security Council:
Mohammad Hami Tahmasi (20190424)

MoD Directorate for strategic relations and public affairs / Defense Ministry spokesman:
Maj Gen Dawlat Waziri (20150211, 20161130, 20171129)
Gen. Mohammad Radmanish (stepped down from his post few months back, apparently due to retirement from the armed forces ranks (201808))
Syed Ghafoor Ahmad Jawid (20180812)
MoD deputy spokesman:
Gen. Mohammad Radmanish (20160304, 20170108, 20180405)
Ghafoor Ahmad Jawed Ghafoor Ahmad Javid, new spokesman for the Ministry of Defense (20180921)
Fawad Aman, deputy spokesman for the Afghan Defense Ministry (20200303)

Office of chief of staff:
Chief of Staff: Lt. Gen. Abdulhameed Hameed (20160711) Mohammad Sharif Yaftali has been introduced as the new army chief of staff (20170426), LtGen Yasin Zia (20200707), Lt Gen Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai sacked 20210811 and  replaced by General Hebatullah Alizai
Deputy Chief of Staff:
Brig. Gen. Abdul Rahman (20210801)
Cadre and Personnel directorate:
Gen. Rahmatullah (20150100); Maj. Gen. Mohmand (20170424)
Deputy Chief of Staff:
Lt Gen Murad Ali Murad (20150201)
Director General of Military Operations (DGMO):
Lt  Gen Mohammad Habib Hesari Habibullah Hesari (20160809, 20180930)
Gen. Haibatullah Alizai (20190313)

Head of law department of defense ministry:
Mohammad Amin Nooristani (20110410)

Head of religious and ideological affairs:
Brig. Gen. Mohammad Amin Nasib Naseeb Head of theology department of the Defense Ministry, General Mohammad Nasib Amin(20120928, 20150114)
Head of the Ministry of Defense's (MoD) Health Department:
General Musa Wardak, Maj Gen Mohammad Mussa Wardak(20131028, 20140713)
Administrative and Logistics Deputy of the Afghan National Army (ANA):
Brig Gen Momand Katawazai, Mohmand Katawazai Momand Katawazi (20140210) perhaps sacked because critizising Karzai for not signing the BSA
Head of the purchasing Department of the Ministry of National Defense:

Hashmatullah Latifi (20210112)

Head of the sports department in the Ministry of Defense:
Gen. Asif,  was attacked in Chelsiton area of Kabul city around 8:00 am local time while he was on his way towards his office.(20141115)
Education and Training Commander at the MoD:
Maj Gen Mohammad Habib Hesari (20141230)
Deputy defense minister for training and personnel affairs:

Mrs. Munira Yousufzada Yusofzada (20190519, 20200913)
Procurement Manager for the MoD:
Brig Gen Abdul Rahman Ghori (20150202)
General Commander for the Medical Academy of the Health Command for the Ministry of Defense:
Col. Nesar Ahmad Siddiqi (20150223)
Commanding general of Afghan Logistics Command:
Maj. Gen. Monawari (20171125)
Commander of the ANA Material Management Center-Afghanistan:
Brig. Gen. Fahim (20171125)






























2. Previous Functions Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi Besmellah:
Ahmad Shah Masood's top commanders ,
Northern Alliance's Deputy Minister of Defence, under Ahmad Shah Massoud and later Mohammed Fahim,
Commander of Kabul police force,
Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Defense (2002 - 20100628)
Minister of Interior  (2010 - 20120804)
Minister of defense (20120915 -20140930)
Acting Minister of Defense (20141001)

3. Biodata of Gen. Bismillah Khan Mohammadi:
mohammadi_bismillah_genMohammadi is the son of Ghausuddin, was born 1961 (other sources 1958) in Panjshir . He is an ethnic Tajik from the Panjshir Valley. He was graduated from 14th grade in Abu Hanifa Seminary and enrolled in Kabul Military University in 1995. He served as the commander of 40th brigade of the Afghan National Army. He was also the General Commander of the National Guards in 2000. In 2002, he became Deputy Defence Minister and was appointed as the Chief of Army Staff in 2003. He has so far been awarded with the medals of Syed Jamaluddin Afghan, Ghazi Amanullah Khan and Ahmad Shah Baba for his efforts in bolstering the ANA. He was one Ahmad Shah Masood's top commanders during the Soviet war as well as with their fight against the Taliban in the North, and near Kabul. Khan was a second tier commander of Jamiat, Shura-e Nazar party of Ahmed Shah Massoud (killed on September 9, 2001). Human Rights Watch is listing him as a Human Rights Abuser.

Before the fall of the Taliban, he was the Northern Alliance's Deputy Minister of Defence, under Ahmad Shah Massoud and later Mohammed Fahim. After the fall of Kabul to the United Front, he was appointed commander of the 2000 man Kabul police force, and a member of the Kabul Security Commission. Since 2002 he was a Lieutenant General and served as the Chief of Staff in the Ministry of Defense. President Hamid Karzai has chosen General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi, Afghan National Army Chief of Staff, as his cabinet nominee for the slot of interior minister, it was reliably learnt on 20100620. He got a vote of confindence from Wolesi Jirga 20100628.

Karzai decided to remove Bismillah Khan as Army chief over fears that he was packing the middle ranks of the Afghan officer corps with fellow Jamiat officers who might be more loyal to him than to the Afghan state. This was not a new concern, but it was possibly an urgent one. According to a survey conducted by an international organization in 2008, roughly seventy per cent of the colonels and generals in the Afghan Army appeared to be loyal to Khan.(20120720)

Since moving to the Ministry of Interior, Bismillah Khan (B.K.) reportedly has continued his covert policy of promoting his allies. Among other measures, B.K. has tried to shift more police resources to the north, where the minorities predominate, and put Jamiat members in key positions.  B.K. began his efforts as soon as he arrived at his new job.(20120720)

Bismillah Khan Muhammadi's intervention in "Kabul siege" on 14. Sept 2011 may have led to British and Afghan casualties, say Isaf officials. Members of British and Afghan special forces were seriously injured during the "Kabul siege" after Afghanistan's interior minister barged onto the scene at 3am and ordered the "cowards" to rush the final assault. A shocked official from Nato's International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) said that by bypassing the established chain of command Muhammadi sent the mission into disarray, spoiling what had until that point been a painstaking and careful effort by Afghan forces.

Five Afghan commandos from the reserve unit Muhammadi had ordered into the building were injured as they raced up the building. Another had been wounded earlier in the operation, which took 20 hours to complete. In addition five British special forces soldiers, most likely from the Special Air Service who were mentoring the Afghans, were wounded by grenades thrown in the abandoned building site.

John Allen, the US general in overall command of the international forces, was said to be furious with Muhammadi's interference in the operation, which Isaf officials believe may have added hours to the final outcome, giving insurgents extra time to prepare for the final assault.

A group of opposition MPs have called for the resignation of Mohammadi and other ministers with security portfolios in the wake of the day-long fight in the capital. In a statement the interior ministry denied the claims of security and diplomatic sources, saying the minister had stayed 600 metres away from the building and respected the chain of command.(20110919).

Minister Bismullah Khan was the target of an assassination attempt Sunday Oct. 23, 2011 in Parwan province, north of the nation's capital, Kabul.His bodyguards shot a would-be suicide bomber who approached the minister's convoy. The minister was not there at the time of the attack.

Bismullah Khan Mohammadi has survived a assassination attempt in which a bomber tried but failed to blow himself up near the minister's convoy in northern Afghanistan. The incident took place in the Sayed Khail district of Parwan province on 20111213 when Mohammadi was visiting the region, said Parwan governor Abdul Basir Salangi.

Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak and Interior Minister Bismullah Mohammadi were voted out of office after Wolesi Jirga criticized them for failing to bring security to the country and protect top officials. They also accused the ministers of corruption.(20120804). President Hamid Karzai accepted on 20120805 a vote by the country's parliament to dismiss his two top security ministers, but ordered both to remain in their jobs pending replacement.

Bismillah Mohammadi was approved as Minister of Defence by parliament. (20120915)

A Report said that Mohammadi supports a local commander in Badakhshan who is engaged in illegal extraction of lapis lazuli and also that Mohammadi himself has a hand in the lapis trade. Bismillah Mohammadi is said to have close ties with commander Abdul Malik, who has control over mines in Kiran Manjan district in Badakhshan. But former defense minister Bismillah Mohammadi rejected the allegations lodged against him.(20160607)

Afghan Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Khan Mohammadi was not injured in the attack on his house in Kabul.

Earlier, an eyewitness and a source in the Kabul police said a car was blown up near the minister's house, after which several armed people entered the house. According to the agency, the general is "absolutely healthy."(20210803)


He speaks Dari and English.

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