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Mamoon, Razaq

Name Mamoon, Razaq
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghan Journalist Political Analyst
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
BBC correspondent,
Editor of Radio Azadi, hosted a well-known roundtable called “Discussion” for Tolo TV,
Chief editor of the daily “Payman”,
Director of the Bust-e Bastan news agency in Kabul,

3. Biodata:
Mamoon_RazaqRazaq Mamoon, is an ethnic Tajik writer and politician from the Panjsher, Afghanistan. He is a fierce critic of the current Afghan government led by Hamid Karzai for lacking the capacity to handle the current crises in Afghanistan. Mr. Razaq Mamoon was a former co-writer and editor of Payam-e-Mujahid political news paper belonging to the warlord Burhanudin Rabani of Jamiat Islami party . For sometime he was the host of a popular political TV show at Tolo TV where he interviewed famous personalities. He is interviews were extremely critical in nature and thus he was not liked by many of his guests. He was later removed from his post due to alleged government pressure on the Tolo TV station (2007).

He is the author of numerous books in the Persian language including the controversial book titled "Raaze Khwabeedah" [English: The Sleeping Secret], the subject of this book is the former president of Afghanistan Najibullah who was hung by the Taliban. In his book, which is respected by many to be a well research document, Razaq argues and presents evidence for, accuses the former communist campanions of Najibullah as the main perpetrators of his death. His other recent book is called "Zelzela" [English: The Earthquake], this book has fiction/real plot, the subjects of his story are the main political players in Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban.

Razaq Mamoon regularly receives death threats from different sources. The alleged murderer of Dr. Najibullah, Gharzai Khakhogi, who was incriminated by documents in Mamoon’s book, had allegedly planned to kill him. Khakhogi was working as the vice-mayor in Kabul and allegedly paid two terrorists to kill Mamoon. Security organizations discovered and foiled the plot. His comments are sometimes seen as hostile to Afghanistan’s biggest ethnic group, the Pashtuns, which includes President Hamid Karzai and most Taliban leaders.

Razaq Mamoon faced an acid attack near his apartment (20110118). Head of the Ministry of Interior's Criminal Investigation Department, Mohammad Zaher, said that an unknown attacker sprayed acid on Razaq Mamoon's face. The doctors said Mamoon's face has been affected but his eyes were ok because he was wearing glasses. Mamoon was rushed to hospital after suffering 10 per cent burns to his face and hands, health ministry spokesman Kargar Noorughli said. On Wednesday, 19. Jan 2011, the journalist was moved to a military hospital for security reasons, Noorughli added.

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