Afghan Biographies

Muslim, Fawad Ahmad

Name Muslim, Fawad Ahmad
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1974
Function/Grade Afghanistan News Center ANC, Founder
History and Biodata

1. Founder of Afghanistan News Center:
Fawad Ahmad Muslim

2. Previous Functions:
Software engineer Leros Technologies (Dec. 1999 - Jan. 2002),
Muslim launched the Directorate of Technology within the MoFA, which was subsequently restructured under the name Directorate General of Communications and Archives Division. It comprised both the Directorate of Technology and Directorate of Archives, (Jan. 2002 to June 2006),
Jahaan Technology Corporation, Founder,

3. Biodata:
Born in Afghanistan in 1974, Fawad Ahmad Muslim had to leave his country of origin at the age of ten due to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. After living in Pakistan for few years, he went on to resettle in the United States where he started school from grade 7th in a small town (Farmville) in the south of Virginia. The following year he moved to Northern Virginia where his excellent performance allowed him to leapfrog a grade and was admitted to grade 9th at Annandale High School. The same year he started working to help support his family. After finishing grades 9th and 10th he again skipped 11th grade and moved to 12th grade. On graduation from the high school  Muslim joined the NOVA college to study civil engineering. Towards the end of his two years of part-time study at the NOVA collage he transferred to University of Maryland, where he continued his civil engineering studies for another year. Thereafter he changed his major field of study from civil engineering to computer science and transferred to George Mason University. It took him 7 years to finish collage part-time, while working full time.
He arrived in Kabul on December 2001 and participated in the inauguration ceremony of President Karzai’s Interim Administration. Fawad Ahmad Muslim initiated the first computerized passport and visa system for Afghanistan with the assistance of the Australian Government. Although Muslim resigned from his post at the MoFA in 2006, he left it with a long-term vision for future infrastructural development over the next 15 years. A seminal task in this regard would be to digitize the 150 years of documents for research purposes.

Muslim recently opened his own IT company, the Jahaan Technology Corporation.

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