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Fruitless - High Council of Peace and Reconciliation

Subject Fruitless - High Council of Peace and Reconciliation
Text The establishment of the High Council of Peace meant to start peace deals with the Taliban will have no positive results. It is eyewash. The list of members of the council has raised a few eyebrows in Afghanistan because quite a number of the names are "ex-Jihadi, ex-northern alliance leaders”. These warlords had to exile themself after 1996 because they might have been killed by the Taliban and the Afghan people. And it was these warlords who have been bought, brought back to power and supported by the western countries to defeat the Taliban in 2001. The same day Hamid Karzai announced the names of the High Council’s members the Taliban declared in public not to cooperate. Karzai’s handpicked 70 person "peace panel" is stacked with anti-Taliban personalities. Missing are representatives from civil society, the business community, development and medical experts, right groups, the senior ranks of the opposition and women's activists. Independent Afghan analyst Maritine van Bijlert believes it will go nowhere, saying, "He (Karzai) is not interested in substantial talks." There is no doubt why Washington is said to be supporting this phony "initiative."
Released 2010-09-30